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Joseph Dickerson is an author, technologist and User Experience (UX) expert focused on creating innovative Internet and mobile applications. With over a decade of experience in software design and research, he has made it his mission to make technology easier for people to use and is working on integrating “next-gen” tech like gesture and voice control into the products we use everyday.

Dickerson is currently a UX Lead for Microsoft, providing design and consulting services for companies around the world. Dickerson has lead ethnographic research efforts on a variety of topics, as well as provided usability and design services for many different companies. A specialist in the fields of accessibility, Joseph has worked with the Centers for Disease Control to ensure people with disabilities had equal access to their systems. In 2012 Dickerson returned from a long-term project in Sydney Australia, where he lead efforts to redesign the mobile and online systems for one of the largest banks in the region. The results of this redesign won several awards, including Money Magazine’s Best Innovative Online Banking Service.

Dickerson has spoken at numerous technology and design conferences over the past few years, including Internet Summit 2010 & 2012, OZ Mobile Camp 2011, UPA 2012, and WebVisions Chicago and Portland. He has a keen sense of humor and insight into the newest web technology and trends, and what they mean for all of us in the days to come.

Dickerson has written several books, including two books on user experience, Experience Matters and UX101: A Primer on User Experience.

Joseph Dickerson is also a trained journalist and has a degree in Information Technology.

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