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The human being also known as Paul Douglas Dickerson ended his conscious existence and life sometime during the day of November 5th 2010. He was alone, in his bedroom, in Moody Alabama. He was also my father. The reason I state, “ended his conscious existence” was because he was committing slow-motion suicide for several months, Read More

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I miss Warren Zevon.

I’m filling the dishwasher after another nondescript day, and I’m listening to the classic rock radio station on the kitchen’s radio station. A comforting flow of innocuous memories, music once vibrant now freeze-dried and repurposed to make Boomers feel Safe and Content in their lives. Then, “Werewolves of London.” Warren. You know, I’m not a Read More

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Citizen Kane, man-child: The ultimate American

I recently had the great pleasure of re-watching Citizen Kane, one of my favorite films, with the added pleasure of watching it while I listed to Roger Ebert’s great commentary track. Ebert, as many of you may know, has had cancer surgery that resulted in the loss of both his voice and his ability to Read More

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