Twitter Updates for 2009-06-03

  • I’ve actually gotten a lot of help and good advice from government workers the past couple of days. Expectations: happily confounded. #
  • @DVDGeeks Dont forget the Harrison Ford Pointed Finger of Doom (used in every film he’s in – patent pending)… in reply to DVDGeeks #
  • @Televixen I may have to stockpile Star Trek cereal… I love it… Almost as much as the Star Trek eggo waffles… in reply to Televixen #
  • Day 2 of #UX testing revealed a huge and potentially costly usability issue that, w/o testing, would never have been caught. I love my job. #
  • Just saw that Nicholas Meyer, the writer/director of best Star Trek films, 2 & 6, has a bio book out in August. Just preordered said book. #
  • Got 2 things today: trading card set from new Star Trek (only 1 autograph – Kelvin captain) & “Transwarping” Enterprise-D toy. Joe happy. #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-06-02

  • Off to file paperwork for a new deck – that the contractors finished yesterday. The old building permit we had did not list “deck”… #
  • Sigh. I didn’t have the paperwork I needed… So I have to come back. Ah, government, your level of specificity frustrates me so… #
  • Day 1 of usability testing is complete. Good and encouraging results, and the designs are testing well (probably because they aren’t mine) #
  • @richjohnston at says Brian Blessed is Odin in the upcoming Thor movie. YES. #
  • It’s a godawful small affair – to the girl with the mousey hair… ♫ #
  • @jdickerson Hi John, I’m Joe. Nice twitter handle… ;-) #
  • @kittygux Bing is still Very Beta – I went and “bing’d” ‘Doctor Who’ and 1/2 results were for the BBC show, the other 1/2 was George Tiller. in reply to kittygux #
  • FINALLY got around to customizing ye’ ol’ Twitter background… geeky enough? #twinpeaks #orsonwelles #nilsson #orsonwelles #doctorwho #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-06-01

  • You know you are needing coffee desperately when you stand and stare at the pot as it brews. #
  • What makes Mondays worse? When Murphy and his Law shows up… Especially when it comes in the form of a government employee… #
  • Just submitted my two panel ideas for #Sxsw… Fingers crossed… #
  • Off to buy gift cards to compensate participants – three days of UX testing starts tomorrow. One of the many thing I wish I could delegate. #
  • Worse thing I heard today: “Oh we ran out of time so we’re not doing any usability testing.” Well… Good luck with that… #UX #fail #
  • @Televixen Ah, crap. I missed @DVDGeeks on Fearless Radio AGAIN. Dang kids, wanting to be fed… and bathed… and clothed… in reply to Televixen #
  • @Televixen Oh, yeah – The PODCAST! I’m having a tech-challenged Monday… in reply to Televixen #
  • Feeling like I’m coming down with something (Cold? Swine flu? Scurvy?), so just took some airborne and vitamins… Goodnight Internets! #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-05-31

  • Fox is planning a prequel to ALIEN… as well as ANOTHER Planet of the Apes movie. Umm… yeah. Waiting for the “My Mother the Car” reboot. #
  • One for you, CK… My son, the vampire… ♫ #
  • Just settled on Summer vacation plans for my family: Universal Studios Orlando, late July. Thanks, recession, for helping get a cheap hotel! #
  • @DVDGeeks I told ya Commentary: the Musical was awesome… #Drhorrible in reply to DVDGeeks #
  • @Televixen Trek toys were sold out yesterday in #ATL when I went to buy “kids meal” for lunch. Never got a mini-tricorder or communicator… in reply to Televixen #
  • My friend Lanny, big cheese w/the Transformers club, went to an awesome party @Paramount for Botcon – wish I was there… #
  • Dang, Hulu Desktop, you suckered me into watching The Nude Bomb. Again. At least the Universal Studios park scenes, from 1980, are cool… #

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Retro Movie Review: Popeye

I am watching the DVD of Popeye, the oft-maligned film that Robert Altman made in the early 80s, and I am smiling.

The movie, flaws and all, works for me. While I am no big Altman or Robin Williams fan, I am an obsessive fan of the work of Harry Nilsson, who did the songs and score for the film (the reason I purchased the DVD when it came out last year). He does some great work here, and Altman and Jules Fieffer (who wrote the screenplay) succeed in bringing the work of Thimble Theatre to live in vivid form.

What makes me smile is there is some great amount of heart and soul in the film, that intangible thing that converts the skeptical and moves viewers from observers to lovers of film. The cast are incredibly dedicated to make the material work, and I can’t fault the work effort displayed.

Movie making is the very definition of collaboration, and it is a disservice to the craftsmen and women who make films to say A DIRECTOR or AN ACTOR ‘made’ a (or any) film. No better example is this movie – the result of a lot of talented people getting together to recreate a 1930s comic-strip world – and while it is somewhat uneven and, as Williams himself joked on an episode of Mork and Mindy, “If you play it backwards, it has an ending,” it is still satisfying – at least to me and mine. Your enjoyment – and mileage – may vary.