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“Experience Matters” book is the perfect introduction to the world of user experience design

Atlanta, Georgia, July 15th 2012 —”Experience Matters: Lessons, Essays and Tactics on User Experience Design” is a primer on the field of User Experience (UX) design. Written by UX Architect Joseph Dickerson, the book covers a range of topics, and is intended to be both an introduction of the domain as well as a practical “how-to” manual on how to apply user-centered design principles.

“I want everyone to know how important user-centered design is, and this book compiles a lot of my thoughts on the topic,” Dickerson explains. “Some of the most successful companies in the world apply UX processes to the creation of their products and services, and in the book I explain how any company of any size can do the same.”

Dickerson has over a decade of experience in the UX domain, and works as a UX Architect for the Innovations Team at Fortune 500 financial services company Fiserv.
Experience Matters is Dickerson’s first book on design. "I write about design a lot, and up until March of this year I was working overseas on a design project and was away from my family. So I spent my weekends writing articles and I quickly realized that I pretty much had a book on my hands."

Experience Matters is available from Amazon in paperback and for the Kindle, and is also offered through Apple's iBookstore for the iPad. Dickerson has a unique pricing strategy for the iPad version of the book.

"If you want a print copy, that's $10, but if you want it for the iPad it's free. I didn't write the book to make a huge amount of money, I wrote it to share my ideas on UX design and to educate. It's a primer on design, with some very practical advice, and I want it in the hands of as many aspiring designers and business people as possible."

Dickerson has also created a free companion application for his book for the iPhone or iPod, which has excerpts from the book, his latest articles on design, as well as news feeds of UX stories from Twitter and a mobile version of his website This Week in UX (

For additional information, or a sample copy, Contact: Joseph Dickerson at, or call 770-271-9219.

The book Experience Matters introduces the world of UX design to readers.
Joseph Dickerson is a User Experience (UX) Architect who has made it his mission to make technology easier for people to use. As User Experience Architect at Fortune 500 company Fiserv, Dickerson has researched a variety of topics as well as provided design services on many different projects. He has authored several books, including a primer on UX design, Experience Matters. He writes at

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