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What should an ideal User Experience Design lab have?

I’ve set up a couple of usability labs in my time, so I’ll give you some of my advice/lessons learned in that space. First the practical – get lots of wall space. I mean LOTS of wall space. Almost all the experience designers I have worked with love to use wall space to throw up Read More

Recommendations and Best Practices in Mobile Usability Testing

NOTE: Much of this content is based on two earlier blog entries I wrote here a while backĀ in 2009, so I added some additional and more recent details to come up with this revised versionā€¦ Prescreening users First, prescreen your test participants. You need to know that they actually are capable of using the mobile Read More

Can the physical appearance of a moderator influence the results of usability testing?

Yes, the physical “attractiveness” can influence the responses of test participants. If you appear well dressed, it may make the participant feel they have to be more formal and some may look to you as an authority figure, and either reactions can affect how they respond. If you dress slovenly then some participants may not Read More