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Lessons in #UX: Users don’t care about “UI design”

We live in a bubble. When I say “We”, I refer to my fellow travelers in user experience design. We read tech articles on new software releases, we look at design sites and study style guides from Apple, Amazon and Microsoft. We debate with our fellow designers as to what the proper usage of the Read More

What are the rationale behind some of the recent Facebook UI changes?

The same rationale that drives all tech companies to change their products: featureitis. If you are maintaining the status quo then you are not evolving and that lack of new features could cost you customers/eyeballs. The problem with featureitis is when it changes what works and adds stuff that doesn’t…. And based on the reaction Read More

What are some examples of innovative UI design?

Define “innovative.” Yes, I know, I can go look it up, but I ask in all seriousness. Innovation is a term that is being bandied about so much lately it’s about to become a business cliche, like “paradigm” and “synergy.” And I state this being the design lead in an Innovations Team… In my humble Read More