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Thoughts about Showtime’s upcoming season of Twin Peaks

Today is the day that Dale Cooper first arrived in the two of Twin Peaks – “Diane, 11:30 am, February 24th. Entering the town of Twin Peaks…” Fans around the world celebrate it as “Twin Peaks Day” and all over social media are images, quotes and art celebrating the series… and everyone is all the Read More

Is it worth watching Twin Peaks if I know the killer?

Yes, because it’s not the destination… it’s the journey. If someone told you before you saw Citizen Kane that Rosebud was a sled, you still should watch Citizen Kane…. Heck, you MUST watch Citizen Kane, because it is a seminal piece of filmmaking that influenced at least three generations of filmmakers (and counting). Twin Peaks Read More

What made Twin Peaks a cult TV series?

A cult TV series is any show that has a dedicated and loyal audience. So, a better question may be, “Why does Twin Peaks STILL have a dedicated and loyal audience, 25 years later? In my opinion there are three main reasons: The look of the show. Twin Peaks was the first real “cinematic” TV Read More

Twin Peaks The Complete Mystery is a revelation and a must buy

WOW BOB WOW. I’ve been diving in and revisiting one of my favorite shows ever, Twin Peaks, thanks to the just released Bluray set. Titled The Complete Mystery, the set has every episode of the series, the Fire Walk With Me film, and lots and lots of bonus features… Including two big ones. The first Read More

Nostalgia is a tender trap

I’m a pop culture whore. There’s so much that our industrial entertainment complex has come up with that I enjoy – Star Trek, Doctor Who, Man from U.N.C.L.E., The Prisoner, Breaking Bad… dozens and dozens of great shows and films that have brought me joy over the years (heck, I even wrote a book about Read More

What happened to James Hurley?

He became a beef and chicken importer/exporter in Shreveport, Louisiana. OK, no… he didn't do THAT, but the only answer we can say with any degree of certainty is he left Twin Peaks to "see the world." And why wouldn't he? For pete's sake, look at what happened to him: In the span of less Read More

Press Release: “The Twin Peaks Gazette” highlights the classic cult TV series

It was over 20 years ago that David Lynch and Mark Frost created one of the seminal television series, a post-modern twist on the soap opera that had the whole world talking. And now, two decades later, Twin Peaks has more fans than ever. The Twin Peaks Gazette is a new website that covers the Read More

It’s not Twin Peaks, but Storyville is a remarkable underrated film

“The past isn’t dead.” Revisiting well-remembered films in this Neglected Cinema series is like a crapshoot. Sometimes movies I loved on first viewing I find merely likeable, and other times I discover old favorites are, with the passage of time, barely watchable. Then there are movies like Storyville. It’s been twenty years since Storyville’s release, Read More

Will there ever be a Twin Peaks reboot/sequel? My thoughts…

I think so, but it may be a while… and a new “season” of Twin Peaks would be markedly different from what has come before if it ever does happen.The DVDs have been selling consistently well since the Gold Box set was released, Fire Walk With Me has been getting some renewed attention by critics Read More

Like Twin Peaks? Then buy Mark Frost’s new book, The Paladin Prophesy!

I was lucky enough to get Mark Frost’s new book The Paladin Prophecy the day before it was officially released, thanks to the magic of Amazon. I had preordered it months ago, because I’ve been a long time fan of Mr. Frost’s work, starting way back those many moons ago when he worked on a Read More

“Where there’s always music in the air:” Introducing The Twin Peaks Gazette

Somebody stop me before I blog again! I have created yet ANOTHER new web site as part of my vast multimedia empire. The site, named The Twin Peaks Gazette, features the latest news, articles, videos and information about the wonderful world of Twin Peaks. Why create a(nother) website about a show that is over 20 Read More

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me blu-ray review

On February 23rd, 1989, Laura Palmer died. And we all heard about it. That’s the date, in the fictional world of Twin Peaks, that the high school homecoming queen met her end… The pivotal event that was the moment that triggered the core narrative of the classic TV series. It was a series that I Read More

Twin Peaks ads and news articles, circa 1991

Just found my file of clippings from when Twin Peaks was on, and so I decided to share with the class: [flickr]set:72157628733946739[/flickr] Read More