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Star Trek Fan Film Guidelines to end all good Star Trek fan films


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Buy this: Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan Soundtrack from Mondo

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Star Trek vs. Star Wars: We have a winner…

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Which Star Trek film is most like an extended TV episode?

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Happy birthday Star Trek!


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Adventures in model making – Building the 1/350th scale Enterprise


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Rest in Peace, Leonard Nimoy

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The last time I am ever going to write about Star Trek

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How to fix Star Trek’s biggest problems

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Nostalgia is a tender trap

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The human adventure is just beginning: How the optimistic future of Star Trek is more likely than we may think

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Going where no Joe has gone before…

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Save the bridge! A behind the scenes look at the project to restore the Enterprise D bridge

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More of me to love, now at and This Week in Star Trek!


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Is there any record of litigation over someone making their own Star Trek items?


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In praise of The Doomsday Machine (and William Windom)

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