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What kind of technologies need to be invented to bring us up to speed with Star Trek?

I’m actually quite involved and interested in this question, as my job is to design computer interfaces and support new opportunities in user experiences that I could not have even dreamt of even 5 years ago (I did mobile design then… for Nokia “candybar” phones.) There are a lot of technological advancements in Star Trek: Read More

Photos: Star Trek Las Vegas 50th Anniversary Convention

Several months ago I planned a Las Vegas trip for myself and my son Hunter as a graduation present (he finished high school in June) – he had never been to Vegas. Though he’s not yet old enough to do the “adult” Vegas stuff he could at least get a sense of “Sin City”. Being Read More

Photos: #StarTrek 50 at the EMP Museum

In Seattle for work this week and was able to make some time to visit the Star Trek 50th Anniversary Exhibit at the EMP Museum. The display is fantastic, with Paramount opening up their archives to showcase props and costumes from the series and movies. Paul Allen, who owns and runs the EMP Museum, also Read More

Star Trek Fan Film Guidelines to end all good Star Trek fan films

I really don’t want to write anymore about Star Trek, but then CBS/Paramount does a stupid thing and I have to. This week, the owners of Star Trek released fan film guidelines, mostly in response to the lawsuit against the Star Trek Axanar “fan film” (which raised $1 million on Kickstarter). While a reasonable set Read More

Buy this: Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan Soundtrack from Mondo

Never go full hipster. That, alas, is what I have done… In my man cave are stacks and stacks of vinyl, both new and old, and it has become my newest hobby/slash obsession. Recollecting albums I had as child, or buying new high-quality reissues of classics I only had in digital. And yes, I am Read More

Star Trek vs. Star Wars: We have a winner…

As most people who read a blog like this knows, the new Star Wars film opened to a colossal amount of tickets sold  – $250 million in the US, and $500 million dollars worldwide, and that was just during the first weekend. To put that number in perspective, the last Star Trek film, Into Darkness, Read More

Which Star Trek film is most like an extended TV episode?

Star Trek: The Motion Picture actually WAS an episode of the TV series – it was a script that was written for the planned Star Trek Phase II series. So in that respect it is the most like an extended episode. The Trek films are interesting, in that very few of them are “like” an Read More

Happy birthday Star Trek!

To celebrate Star Trek’s 49th birthday, why don’t you read my thoughts on the franchise? I’ve written a lot on the series over the years, and here’s an index of the best of those posts… Wow, I’m prolific… A look at Lincoln Enterprises Adventures in modelmaking: Building the 1/350th scale Enterprise Actor’s “Instruction Manual” to Read More

Adventures in model making – Building the 1/350th scale Enterprise

It was on my bucket list. Like so many things on my bucket list, I had put it off. I was too busy with other things, I had too much work to do, I couldn’t put aside the time to do it. I also questioned myself, thinking that I wasn’t good enough to do it. Read More

Rest in Peace, Leonard Nimoy

At a loss for words right now, but I would be remiss to not express my profound grief at the loss of the wonderful actor director and writer Leonard Nimoy. The last time I was this affected by the loss of an actor/media figure was when Vincent Price passed away. He will be missed by Read More

The last time I am ever going to write about Star Trek

I should be taking a victory lap. Roberto Orci, the writer/producer, has apparently been kicked off Star Trek 3 – a movie he was originally signed to both co-write and direct. Me and Mr. Orci, well… we have a history. His heated and condescending response to my TrekMovie editorial “Star Trek is broken” resulted in Read More

How to fix Star Trek’s biggest problems

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of the direction the latest Star Trek film, Into Darkness took the franchise. I won’t rehash my opinions here so, in summary: “big explosions plus weak characters and story” is not what I watch Star Trek for. I watch and enjoy good Trek because it’s about ideas, Read More

Nostalgia is a tender trap

I’m a pop culture whore. There’s so much that our industrial entertainment complex has come up with that I enjoy – Star Trek, Doctor Who, Man from U.N.C.L.E., The Prisoner, Breaking Bad… dozens and dozens of great shows and films that have brought me joy over the years (heck, I even wrote a book about Read More

The human adventure is just beginning: How the optimistic future of Star Trek is more likely than we may think

“We are locally optimistic, and globally pessimistic.” That statement is a key point made in the book Abundance: the Future is Better than you think by Pete Diamandis and Steven Kotler. The quote is from one of the many people interviewed in the book, a psychologist who goes on to explain that our brains have Read More

Going where no Joe has gone before…

I’m proud to announce that I’m about to boldly go where I’ve never gone before… be a guest at a Star Trek convention. And not just ANY Star Trek convention, the big one… The Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. A convention so huge that all the words in its name require Title Read More

Save the bridge! A behind the scenes look at the project to restore the Enterprise D bridge

Cross-post of an article I wrote for http://trekmovie.com: “Imagine being a Star Wars fan driving past Lucasfilm, and seeing the Millennium Falcon in a dumpster.” Would never happen, right? Well, it did. Only it wasn’t Star Wars, and it wasn’t that infamous Corellian freighter found in a trash heap, it was the bridge of the finest Read More

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