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Can the film production process teach the agile world how to make software?

I've written articles and presentations around leveraging ideas and techniques from moviemaking in the software development process, and my honest reaction to this question is… No. Moviemaking is definitely a collaborative process, but it is also one that is driven by the vision of a screenwriter and/or a director… You start with a story, and Read More

I’m Joseph Dickerson and this is how I work

Inspired by the Lifehacker column, I’ve decided to write up how I work… since I think Lifehacker will probably never call and ask me directly. Location: Dacula, GA Current Gig: User Experience Lead, Microsoft One word that best describes how you work: Restless. Current mobile device: Nokia 920 Windows Phone Current computer: Two – a Read More

The rise of the enablers

I travel quite a bit for work, and as I recently sat in a hotel room I started thinking about all the steps that brought me to that room. I booked the flight and the room online, I flew from Atlanta to Boston and I took a cab to the hotel… A typical business trip, Read More

What is software elegance?

Elegance is in the eye of the user. I state that because the perception of elegance is a personal one, and the best you as a designer can do is define what you think elegance is and then provide a solution that meets that definition. So, here's my definition of what makes software elegant: It Read More