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#UX101: A few words on Content Strategy and Service Design

User experience design is a pretty broad discipline, with many different areas of focus you can align your career to. There’s information architecture, user research, usability testing, requirements modeling, wireframing, prototyping… each with a different focus, approach and outcome. I personally don’t like to specialize on one particular area. I like variety, and I also Read More

How could bank branches be improved?

As someone who has designed software for many a bank, as well as done ethnographic research in and around branches, I have some very direct ideas on how the banking experience at branches can be improved.  Have express lanes. If someone is coming in to just do one thing, like cash or deposit a check, then Read More

Lessons in Service Design: How to Avoid “Showrooming”

Retailers have noticed a disturbing trend of the past few months. Many of the people visiting their stores are browsing but not spending any money… At least, not at your store. They’re still spending their money… just online. These customers go to shops and then whip out thier smart phones to find cheaper prices for Read More