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What is the best way to create a UX roadmap?

First off, let’s discuss the term “UX Roadmap.” I’ve heard it used in a couple of different ways. Here’s one definition, from UX Game Changers: The UX roadmap defines the stages of the user delivery. And while demands can change deliverables, the roadmap provides guidance and helps set priorities. The term “roadmap” is defined as Read More

Can a product be an experience – or is one a subset of the other?

No, a product is not an experience, it is part of an experience. As I've written before, the idea that anyone can "design an experience" is incorrect. You design solutions and products that are a part of user's experience, and what you design has to be crafted in a way that both reflects the user's Read More

How would you measure user experience of physical packaging?

The obvious answer to me is in usability testing. Define a series of tasks that you want to test the packaging for. The obvious task for packaging is…well, opening it. The next obvious task is about the content displayed/printed on the package. What is the product? What are the primary features that the packaging tells Read More