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Can the film production process teach the agile world how to make software?

I've written articles and presentations around leveraging ideas and techniques from moviemaking in the software development process, and my honest reaction to this question is… No. Moviemaking is definitely a collaborative process, but it is also one that is driven by the vision of a screenwriter and/or a director… You start with a story, and Read More

#UX101: What is UX, anyway?

I am writing my new book UX 101 the same way that two of my literary idols, Arthur Conan Doyle and Charles Dickens, did: in serial, one chapter at a time. I hope to post a new segment every week until I am done, then compile the content into a final version. Hope you like Read More

Process or talent? Companies can’t focus on both…

“The Most Important Document to ever come out of Silicon Valley” was released last week… at least, that’s what Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg called it. This Most Important Document wasn’t a cutting-edge business plan, or a product roadmap… Far from it. It was Netflix’s “Corporate Culture” guidelines, a document that is usually quite dry and Read More

What does a lead UX designer do?

Hate to pull this old chestnut out, again, but I must…. it depends. There is no one definitive definition of "lead UX designer." In some companies he or she may "own" the entire design of a product or a domain, and in other organizations the Lead UX Designer is simply the only designer assigned to Read More

What is the daily work of a UX designer like?

It depends on several factors, primarily the stage of the project(s) being worked on and the type and size of company. I have found that the typical design process traditionally has four stages: Analysis and Research, Conceptual Design, Design Testing and Refinement, and Design Documentation. In the first phase you may be interviewing (or helping Read More

How hard is it to communicate to developers a UX point of view?

The best response I have to this question is "it depends." Depends on the organizational culture, the amount of design rationale you have to back up your design decisions, the personalities at play in both sides of the conversation, and the roles and responsibilities of the team members. If you are working in an organization Read More

Focus on the outcome, not the tool

I’m fighting with Adobe. Not literally, obviously – I’m not having physical altercations with a multinational corporation. I’m fighting with thier apps, specifically InDesign. And InDesign is winning. The thing is, it shouldn’t be. I’ve used page layout programs for years – one of my first jobs was doing magazine and catalog layouts in Quark Read More