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Creator gave Peter O’Toole yet another chance to shine

“Words can be wonderful things.” The death of Peter O’Toole this month is still something I haven’t been able to fully process. Peter O’Toole was so ALIVE in his performances… The idea of such a vibrant presence being gone from the earth just makes no sense. Yet, he is gone, and as I look back Read More

My Favorite Year is one of My Favorite Movies

Imagine you are a young Mel Brooks, writer on one of the hottest shows on television: Your Show of Shows. Then imagine your job this week is to babysit guest star Errol Flynn, to make sure his womanizing and heavy drinking doesn’t keep him from ruining the show. Actually, you don’t have to imagine it, Read More

The Ruling Class is a dark, overlooked classic

As I sat down to rewatch The Ruling Class, the 1972 British black comedy, I remembered the first time I watched it. It was at the suggestion of a good friend, who said to my 19-year-old self, “If you consider yourself an Anglophile, you HAVE to see The Ruling Class.” I took his advice and Read More