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Movies 101: My “movie course in a box”


Geek, Movies, My Quora answers

Is there any way to know if a studio made a profit on a movie, beyond conjecture?

Movies, Neglected Cinema

They Might be Giants is an underrated gem (and not just the name of a band)

Movies, Neglected Cinema

Battle Beyond the Stars is a Star Wars knock-off that’s hardly worth revisiting

Movies, Neglected Cinema

A look at some Neglected Directors

Movies, Neglected Cinema, Orson Welles

F For Fake is Orson Welles’ forgotten masterpiece

Movies, Neglected Cinema

Speed Racer brings a cartoon to vivid life in a surprisingly divisive way

Geek, Movies, My Quora answers

On James Bond movies and continuity…

My Quora answers

Was the concept of "Rosebud" an anticlimax to Citizen Kane?

Movies, Neglected Cinema

1970’s Scrooge is a magical take on the classic Dickens tale

Movies, Neglected Cinema

Penn and Teller Get Killed is an odd look into the minds of the master magicians

Disney, Movies, My Quora answers

Why did Disney choose to create new characters in Wreck-It-Ralph instead of using existing video game characters?

Disney, Geek, Movies

Disney buys Star Wars: One fan’s perspective

Movies, Neglected Cinema

In the Mouth of Madness is Lovecraft, John Carpenter style

Movies, Neglected Cinema

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is Bond at his most underrated

Movies, Neglected Cinema

The Ruling Class is a dark, overlooked classic

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