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What computer programs do mobile app designers use?

Whatever app works best for the person creating the design. I’ve used A LOT of design tools in my life, and looking on the list of tools out there I dare say I’ve used or tried a majority of them. After many many months of use, I can tell you what works for me… Usually. Read More

Presentation: Designing the mobile experience

Presented at Mobile Camp OZ this past weekend, here’s my presentation on designing the mobile experience: Designing the mobile experience View more presentations from Joseph Dickerson Read More

Is it better to design from scratch or to stick to ‘familiar iOS conventions’?

It depends on what you are designing, and how far 'outside of the box' you want to go. My design team is in the process of doing the design for a cross-platform mobile app, so we can't rely on the UI conventions of just iOs… We have to create an app that will work on Read More

Recommendations and Best Practices in Mobile Usability Testing

NOTE: Much of this content is based on two earlier blog entries I wrote here a while back in 2009, so I added some additional and more recent details to come up with this revised version… Prescreening users First, prescreen your test participants. You need to know that they actually are capable of using the mobile Read More

What is the next frontier in mobile UX/UI design?

Three things that are going to be a big focus for mobile UX/UI designers in the years to come: Voice Interaction: Accessing information from your mobile device or the cloud through speech is here now, but we "turn it on" to do so. I expect this to change in the future, and that your mobile Read More

What are the big topics in mobile user interface design discussions in 2013?

Web vs. native apps. Still. While the majority of companies are pretty firmly in the "native app" space, there are still debates and discussions taking place around HTML 5 and it's capabilities. The problem is, HTML 5 can't do everything a native app can, and it also (if not tweaked and optimized) doesn't provide the Read More

Lessons in #UX: It’s not about “channels”, it’s about doing things

I’ve been in lots of business meetings discussing mobile and/or tablet “strategies” lately, and I often shake my head at what I hear proposed by people who, frankly, should know better. Too many of these proposals are about features and channels and devices, and that’s a great way of think about things… if it was Read More

Native Mobile Apps Offer Advantages Over “Wrapper Apps” for Financial Services

Originally published on Fiserv’s “The Point” Blog, July 10th, 2012. It isn’t much of an exaggeration to say that mobile apps have changed everything. The ways people work, shop and live have been enhanced by dedicated applications that support their specific needs. The advertising tagline from Apple – “there’s an app for that” – has Read More

What are best practices for mobile UX?

I think you should always include and consider general best practices in user experience design when designing for mobile, as they are foundational. Know your user, test your designs, refine based on user testing… all these should be applied when working on mobile. Now, mobile specific best practices: Keep context in mind. Whatever you are Read More

The future, predicted: How Apple can “own” mobile payments (UPDATED!)

One of the domains I pay particular attention to is person-to-person and mobile payments (I’ve also done some design work in this space). Right now, there is a lot of discussion/debate/chatter around near field communication (NFC) technology and how it can be intergrated with mobile devices to support payments “on the go.” Several mobile hardware Read More

Which mobile apps offer a perfect user experience?

Perfect is the enemy of good, and perfect is also a very high bar to achieve. I don't know if I'd say that the following are perfect, but they ae very good indeed: Simplenote let's you take notes and write. It also syncs your text to all other devices that have the appropriate software in Read More

UX for Mobile: What are the best methods for doing contextual user research for mobile?

Here’s what I did when I did a contextual research project around mobile usage and habits two years ago: First, I interviewed people. A lot of people. 30 people in three different states. I asked them about how they used their phones, what they liked, what they disliked, their pain points, what they wanted in Read More

Why are our "smart devices" so dumb?

There are some practical reasons, and some pragmatic ones. A "thinking" device is a device that is consuming power to think (to run the processor), and hardware and software designers have to keep a core user need in mind: battery life. The more the device "thinks" the lower the battery life. So devices are designed Read More

What do users expect on the mobile website of a bank?

Depends on the user and their intent. When you ask what their expectation is, if you do not keep their goals in mind you can’t get a definitive answer. I’ll try and propose some potential goals and then respond with some supposition around user expectations. If it is purely about accessing content (the bank’s contact Read More

What should be considered in terms of accessibility standards when designing mobile apps?

First, try and keep things simple. Don’t go nuts with a lot of the interactive elements that touch devices enable. Use structured hierarchies that are obvious and short, and follow the base design conventions of the platform you are designing for – again, simple. More on this later. Second, consider your target audience. Is the Read More