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Making ‘Touch Banking’ Work for Customers

Originally written for and published by BAI/Banking Strategies, December 22, 2010 Within the last year, tablet computers, led by the Apple iPad, have made a tremendous splash in the market. While only a handful of financial institutions are currently offering banking applications for tablets, the growing use of these devices merits careful monitoring. Today, there Read More

What would it take to make a mobile banking application outstanding?

Joseph Dickerson Well, my "day job" is designing mobile and online banking apps, so I've spent some time thinking about this question (a couple of years, in fact). The most important thing I've learned (through various iterations, user tests, and multiple releases) is this: Mobile banking is a specialized focused application. It's shouldn't be a Read More

Native Mobile Apps Offer Advantages Over “Wrapper Apps” for Financial Services

Originally published on Fiserv’s “The Point” Blog, July 10th, 2012. It isn’t much of an exaggeration to say that mobile apps have changed everything. The ways people work, shop and live have been enhanced by dedicated applications that support their specific needs. The advertising tagline from Apple – “there’s an app for that” – has Read More