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What happened to James Hurley?

He became a beef and chicken importer/exporter in Shreveport, Louisiana. OK, no… he didn't do THAT, but the only answer we can say with any degree of certainty is he left Twin Peaks to "see the world." And why wouldn't he? For pete's sake, look at what happened to him: In the span of less Read More

It’s not Twin Peaks, but Storyville is a remarkable underrated film

“The past isn’t dead.” Revisiting well-remembered films in this Neglected Cinema series is like a crapshoot. Sometimes movies I loved on first viewing I find merely likeable, and other times I discover old favorites are, with the passage of time, barely watchable. Then there are movies like Storyville. It’s been twenty years since Storyville’s release, Read More

Will there ever be a Twin Peaks reboot/sequel? My thoughts…

I think so, but it may be a while… and a new “season” of Twin Peaks would be markedly different from what has come before if it ever does happen.The DVDs have been selling consistently well since the Gold Box set was released, Fire Walk With Me has been getting some renewed attention by critics Read More

Like Twin Peaks? Then buy Mark Frost’s new book, The Paladin Prophesy!

I was lucky enough to get Mark Frost’s new book The Paladin Prophecy the day before it was officially released, thanks to the magic of Amazon. I had preordered it months ago, because I’ve been a long time fan of Mr. Frost’s work, starting way back those many moons ago when he worked on a Read More