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Process or talent? Companies can’t focus on both…

“The Most Important Document to ever come out of Silicon Valley” was released last week… at least, that’s what Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg called it. This Most Important Document wasn’t a cutting-edge business plan, or a product roadmap… Far from it. It was Netflix’s “Corporate Culture” guidelines, a document that is usually quite dry and Read More

Build and lead your team, the Dungeons and Dragons way

One of the formative hobbies of my youth was playing Dungeons and Dragons (as well as other “role-playing games”). If you aren’t familiar with RPGs (and if you aren’t, you’re missing out), they are lengthy sessions where you and friends gather around a table playing as characters you have created and as you react to Read More

What do you need to do to manage a UX team effectively? Some advice…

Well, I've managed a few teams in my time (cue crogety old man music), and so I have some insights that can help your design team run (semi) smoothly. Some of these recommendations are applicable to ALL types of teams, and I list them for the sake of completeness. Have a (realistic) shared vision and Read More

Tips on how NOT to do a UX design project

I’ve worked on a lot of different projects in my career, and I’ve learned quite a bit. I’ve always said I’d rather learn from someone else’s mistakes instead of my own, but I’ve had ample opportunity to learn from my own missteps as well. I see a lot of UX articles that detail how to Read More

What can you learn about management from Star Trek?

Upper management is far far away… As in, several million light years away. Networking opportunities are rare. The only “face time” that you get is the occassional chat with an admiral, and then it’s usually the typical “there’s a situation on Deneb IV” and “you’re the only ship in the quadrant” stuff. Murder on career Read More