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John Carpenter’s The Fog is a lesser effort by the great filmmaker

I really want to like John Carpenter’s The Fog. I really do. I’m a huge fan of the filmmaker, and will praise his artistry and imagination to anyone who will listen (I am a staunch defender of his underrated Price of Darkness, for example). But The Fog… well, it never really worked for me. This Read More

Memoirs of an Invisble Man should disappear completely

Chevy Chase, what did you have against John Carpenter, anyway? I mean, he had to have done SOMETHING to tick you off. Why else would you, through your production company, hired him to direct the movie Memoirs of an Invisible Man? Hiring horror master John Carpenter to direct a light action comedy starring a former Read More

In the Mouth of Madness is Lovecraft, John Carpenter style

John Carpenter has read the works of H.P. Lovecraft. That point is abundantly clear when you watch his loving homage to the works of Lovecraft, In the Mouth of Madness. Starring Sam Neill as a private investigator, the movie opens with Neill’s character being dragged into an insane asylum. What happened before that point is shown Read More