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How do spies like James Bond and Jason Bourne think?

(The bulk of my answer is derived from the books, not the movies). Bond and Bourne come from a place that most of us never have to deal with – a space where danger and or death is right around the corner (sometimes literally). They have to be alert, and in “the field” have precisely Read More

Is James Bond 007’s real name or is it a "codename" given to the agent?

Yes, it is his real name. The movie Skyfall pretty much killed off the theory that it is a “code name” given to agents, because it shows him looking at his parents graves at Skyfall. Ironically, the parody film version of Casino Royale uses this plot point as one it’s central conceits (after the “real Read More

Inert Heroes: Why some of cinema’s best films have passive protagonists

I’ve written before about how in Goldfinger, the film that many consider the “Gold Standard” for the series (pun intended), James Bond really doesn’t really do much. He gets captured, he learns about Goldfinger’s plan, and  kills Oddjob (he doesn’t even disarm the nuke Goldfinger set to blow up Fort Knox). Other than that he Read More

Photos – Bond in Motion Exhibit highlights 50 vehicles from the James Bond films

Just returned from a trip to London, and a must-stop destination was the Bond in Motion exhibit. The exhibit features 50 original vehicles from the James Bond films, and it was a delight. Here’s photos: The full Flickr set is here.   Read More

Photos: 50th Anniversary James Bond Exhibit at the International Spy Museum

Work brought me to Washington, DC this week, and when I found out that there was a 50th Anniversary celebration of James Bond villains, “Exquisitely Evil”, at the International Spy Museum… well, I had to take some time off to check it out. The exhibit is fantastic, and has lots of original props, models and Read More

On James Bond movies and continuity…

Trying to figure out and align James Bond continuity is like making a vodka martini from Siamese vodka… it can be done, but it’s not going to result in something that is very palatable or satisfying. I remember one of the first attempts, a crazy theory promoted by many fans, one that aligned all the Read More

Bond at 50: A critical reappraisal of Goldfinger

I love Goldfinger. Not the character Auric Goldfinger, Goldfinger, the movie. It is, by popular decree, the Best. Bond. Ever. It features the Most Famous Car in the World (the Aston Martin DB 5) Sean Connery at his hairy testosterone-filled peak, the best henchman in Odd Job, and the most awesome Bond girl name ever: Read More

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is Bond at his most underrated

Tomorrow October 5th is “James Bond Day”, a new international holiday that also happens to occur just before the release of the new Bond film Skyfall (wow, what a coincidence). To celebrate Bond day I rewatched one of my favorite Bond films, the underrated and under-appreciated On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. OHMSS, as I will Read More

How feasible is building a James Bond villain hideout?

When it comes to feasability, you have to look at three things: location, labor, and the type of lair you are trying to build. Location is the most important factor, because if it is in a remote area the construction can occur with minimal subtrifuge and interruption from locals (when I refer to locals I Read More