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What are the different design approaches/UX considerations between designing an iPad app and an iPhone app?

First, and most obviously, you need to consider the constraints of both platforms. The primary constraint when you are designing an iPhone app is screen size. You have a smaller "canvas" to work with, and that constraint means that you can't overload the UI with an abundancy of controls and information. Not to say that Read More

Lessons in UX: The “tender trap” of the iPhone

If you’ve been paying attention to the stock market lately, you may have noticed that Apple is doing quite well. At the time of this writing the stock is over $500 a share, the company has just had another quarter of record earnings, and Apple is worth more, in market capitalization, than Microsoft and Google Read More

One of a kind.

There’s going to be no shortage of words written about Steve Jobs. I never met him, never knew him. And yet… I have to write something, more words to add to the rest. Because I’m compelled to. Steve Jobs died today, at the age of 56. I could spend some of these words detailing what Read More

Try my new iOS app on UX design, Experience Matters

The new app I created on User Experience Design, Experience Matters, is now available in the iTunes store. It covers the latest news in the User Experience domain as well as a continuing stream of articles and reference materials on user experience design from this very site. Intended to keep the UX professional on top Read More