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Photos: Superhero HQ in Disneyland

My son Mike is a Marvel movies NUT, especially the Iron Man movies (and character). So when I decided I was going to take two of my sons to Disneyland as a pre-Christmas gift, I knew he was going to love the Superhero HQ exhibit that replaced Innoventions in Tomorrowland. To not spoil things, I Read More

What are some of the best Walt Disney World hacks?

Stay at the Swan and Dolphin. It’s NOT a Disney hotel, and yet.. it is. Owned by the Sheraton chain, the hotel allows you get almost all the benefits of saying “on property” without having to pay the “Disney tax.” You can also WALK to Epcot, so if that is your favorite park it’s actually Read More

Disney Parks for cheapskates

I’ve spent a lot of money at the Disney Parks… too much, in fact. One thing the Disney Corporation is very good at is metaphorically lifting you upside down and shaking all the money out of your pockets… and leaving you happy that they did. While I’ve been one of the millions who have happily Read More

Disney’s new Fastpass+ system damages the Disney Parks experience

The Walt Disney Corporation recently completed the rollout of their Fastpass+ system at their Walt Disney World park. The system uses RFID technology to allow park visitors to scan wristbands (called “MagicBands”) and walk on rides they had scheduled in advance. The new system replaces the previous ticket-based system, which allowed people to walk up, Read More

#UX best practices, Disney style: Lessons from Mickey’s “10 Commandments”

I recently had the privilege of speaking at the Internet Summit technology conference in Raleigh, North Carolina about Walt Disney and how his processes and ideas could be applied in user experience design. In pulling together the presentation deck for that speech I discovered “Mickey’s 10 Commandments”, a list of best practices that Imagineering President Read More

Why did Disney choose to create new characters in Wreck-It-Ralph instead of using existing video game characters?

The answer is simple, and to explain it I will quote Yogurt from Spaceballs: "Merchandising! Merchandising!" If Disney used existing characters from classic video games as the protagonists, they would have to share/pay substantial licensing fees to the companies that own those characters when they try to sell toys and other items based on those Read More

Disney buys Star Wars: One fan’s perspective

Slow news day. As we are all still reeling in the east coast from Hurricane Sandy, and seeing the devastating aftermath, there is no logical reason at all to get worked up over an announcement of yet another corporate acquisition. Millions of people are without power, Thousands are without homes, and many people have lost Read More

Walt Disney, the world’s first user experience designer

I’m a huge fan of the Walt Disney Park experience, and my family has traveled several times to Walt Disney World and Disneyland. The service we receive is unparalleled to any other vacation spot, and I always return from every visit with at least one extra-special memory. Why the Disney experience is so consistently good Read More