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What computer programs do mobile app designers use?

Whatever app works best for the person creating the design. I’ve used A LOT of design tools in my life, and looking on the list of tools out there I dare say I’ve used or tried a majority of them. After many many months of use, I can tell you what works for me… Usually. Read More

Presentation: Designing the mobile experience

Presented at Mobile Camp OZ this past weekend, here’s my presentation on designing the mobile experience: Designing the mobile experience View more presentations from Joseph Dickerson Read More

Is it better to design from scratch or to stick to ‘familiar iOS conventions’?

It depends on what you are designing, and how far 'outside of the box' you want to go. My design team is in the process of doing the design for a cross-platform mobile app, so we can't rely on the UI conventions of just iOs… We have to create an app that will work on Read More

What did Dieter Rams mean when he said “good design is honest”?

I think he means that good design aligns with the materials used and is straightforward about it’s purpose. A coffee pot isn’t made of wax paper, it’s made of materials that support the heat and liquids that you put through it. And a good coffee maker isn’t trying to do anything more than it’s intended Read More

Making ‘Touch Banking’ Work for Customers

Originally written for and published by BAI/Banking Strategies, December 22, 2010 Within the last year, tablet computers, led by the Apple iPad, have made a tremendous splash in the market. While only a handful of financial institutions are currently offering banking applications for tablets, the growing use of these devices merits careful monitoring. Today, there Read More

UX and “Minimal Viable Design”

One of the interesting trends I am seeing in tech is the idea around “Minimal Viable Product.” This concept is all about Return on Investment: What the product that can be offered to consumers that provides the highest return on investment with the lowest risk? This approach is all about minimizing “exposure” to investors… it’s Read More

What is a “big problem” a product designer can work on?

What are some design problems a young designer can work on to build he design “chops”? Here’s a couple of ideas: Learning how to read and write. Adult literacy around the world is at an all-time high, but there are still thousands of adults who can’t read or write. Can an self-guided app help solve Read More

What is a “great experience” in design?

A great experience comes when what is designed aligns with the needs and desires of the users. This means that the offering “fits” the user, if not like a glove then… like a nice warm bathrobe. A great experience accommodates all the factors – shape, touch, mental models, emotional drivers, and the user’s expected behaviors Read More

When creating web and mobile application UIs, what is better: "Flat Design" or "Skeuomorphic Design"?

It depends. Yes, I know, that's a cop-out, but not really… There are benefits and drawbacks to both, and what your are designing and who you are designing for is just as important as the design "style" ("Flat" or "skeuomorphic") you choose to use. "Flat" design is a good approach if you want to focus Read More

What is the next frontier in mobile UX/UI design?

Three things that are going to be a big focus for mobile UX/UI designers in the years to come: Voice Interaction: Accessing information from your mobile device or the cloud through speech is here now, but we "turn it on" to do so. I expect this to change in the future, and that your mobile Read More

What user experience means to me, and how I approach the design process

I may sound like Pollyanna, but to me user experience design is a way to make the world a better place. OK, so it's not like we UX folk are curing cancer, or finding new sources of energy, or stopping world hunger… but what we do makes a real difference in people's lives. If you Read More

What are the different design approaches/UX considerations between designing an iPad app and an iPhone app?

First, and most obviously, you need to consider the constraints of both platforms. The primary constraint when you are designing an iPhone app is screen size. You have a smaller "canvas" to work with, and that constraint means that you can't overload the UI with an abundancy of controls and information. Not to say that Read More

What is the most astonishing fact about design or innovation you ever heard?

That little things can make a big (sometimes VERY big) difference. Two examples: Example one: Jared Spool wrote a great often-cited essay about the $300 million dollar button, which I will summarize: A major online e-retailer (I suspect Amazon) redesigned their checkout process by changing ONE BUTTON and adding a brief message. Sales went up Read More

Design Mobile First? Not necessarily…

Over the past year, a lot of user experience designers have advocated a “Mobile First” design strategy. The primary idea behind this strategy is when you design the mobile UI and experience first you are able to focus on the most important features, using the natural constraints of the device to ensure that the online Read More

What is the daily work of a UX designer like?

It depends on several factors, primarily the stage of the project(s) being worked on and the type and size of company. I have found that the typical design process traditionally has four stages: Analysis and Research, Conceptual Design, Design Testing and Refinement, and Design Documentation. In the first phase you may be interviewing (or helping Read More

What would it take to make a mobile banking application outstanding?

Joseph Dickerson Well, my "day job" is designing mobile and online banking apps, so I've spent some time thinking about this question (a couple of years, in fact). The most important thing I've learned (through various iterations, user tests, and multiple releases) is this: Mobile banking is a specialized focused application. It's shouldn't be a Read More

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