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Video of comments from Dominos Australia’s Faceboo…

Video of comments from Dominos Australia’s Facebook page highlights how petty #FirstWorldProblems are:… h/t @Lileks Read More

By the way, makers of #DowntonAbbey… you totally s…

By the way, makers of #DowntonAbbey… you totally should not have done that thing to Anna. Just pissed off a whole lot of viewers. Read More

The rule of three: stay organized by working on only three projects at a time

I’m one of those people who have a hard time relaxing – I’m always working on something, whether it is a personal project or something for work. The idea of spending a quite evening at home and doing nothing… well, that’s alien to me. But even with that attitude,  I’ve realized that I needed to Read More

Hyphenate (and celebrate) yourself, but be sure to focus on your “core”

I had a great chat with several colleagues at a social event recently, and when I meet new people they usually ask “what do you do?” A very simple question to answer, but what and how people respond is quite telling. Many answer with confidence, defining what they do with passion. Others simply reply with Read More

Busy work

I’ve been focused on personal productivity for a long time, and have continuously looked for ways to get things done quickly and well. One of the things that I have noticed, though, was I sometimes applying processes and techniques that required more time, effort and upkeep… not less. I also noticed that I (and many Read More

VIDEO: The JoeLanta 2010 1/6th scale super-diorama!

Here’s video of the amazing diorama the team behind the Joelanta 2010 collectors show put together for last weekend’s event. 1/6th scale mayhem! Read More

VIDEO: DEVO focus group from South by Southwest

I had the great pleasure yesterday to participate in a live focus group that the members of DEVO did in order to get a better understanding of how they can re-imagine their brand through the power of marketing. Here is video of that focus group: Read More

Video – 2009 Emmys “In Memoriam” Video montage

Here’s the “In Memoriam” segment from Sunday’s Emmy awards. I post for one reason only: to compliment the producers of the Emmys for remembering my idol Patrick McGoohan, unlike the Oscars ceremony earlier this year, who completely ignored him in their celebration of our fallen dead (even though McGoohan was nominated for an Oscar for Read More

VIDEO: D23 Expo Announcement of Star Tours 2

This looks great, even if it does feature the Episode 1 Podrace… Forgive the 3D effect (youtube doesn’t come with glasses) Read More