Nationwide makes Worse. Super Bowl Ad. Ever.

A big chunk of America saw this ad from Nationwide Insurance last night… …And went WFT? The ad is one of the darkest advertisements ever made, and the very idea of the ad is off-putting and misguided. There were a lot…

"The Prisoner Puzzle" educational guide from 1976

“The Prisoner Puzzle” educational guide from 1976

I’m a fan of The Prisoner – it’s one of my top 10 favorite shows of all time – so I have always been on the lookout for items associated with the show. In that search, I found this: An…

The preview issue of The Twin Peaks Gazette fan newsletter

The preview issue of The Twin Peaks Gazette fan newsletter

When Twin Peaks exploded as a pop culture phenomenon in 1991, ABC and Lynch/Frost Productions took full advantage by releasing the show’s soundtrack, The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, a Guide to Twin Peaks, and – of course – by starting a fan…

Twin Peaks TV Guide Ads!

From 1990/1991. Enjoy.

“We are on the air!” TV Guide reviews Lynch/Frost’s On The Air

Lost in all the excitement of the Twin Peaks revival is the fact that David Lynch and Mark Frost did more than just Twin Peaks together. They did a fantastic documentary series called American Chronicles… and a sitcom named On The Air….