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I’m Joseph Dickerson and this is how I work

Inspired by the Lifehacker column, I’ve decided to write up how I work… since I think Lifehacker will probably never call and ask me directly. Location: Dacula, GA Current Gig: User Experience Lead, Microsoft One word that best describes how…

The death of attribution

This week one of the articles I wrote for UX Magazine was picked up my Mashable (they hoover up content from various sites and republish it). I was very happy to see the piece picked up, because it exposed my…

The top 10 innovation sites

As a technologist and UX Lead for one of the world’s biggest software companies, I spend a lot of time reading about the latest trends in innovation and tech. How do I do it? I have a short list of…

Happy 30th Birthday Mac!

I join my many tech and design brothers and sisters today in wishing a happy birthday to the Macintosh computer. Yes, I know inanimate objects don’t really have birthdays, but with the Mac it feels appropriate to use the word “birthday.”

The Mac was the first real PERSONAL computer, a machine that aligned with what users needed to do and empowered people to do things that was in the realm of complete fantasy just months before.

I learned how to do graphic design and layout by using a Mac, and while I am a user of both Windows and OS X, I still have a fondness for the Mac.

Here’s the video of Steve Jobs revealing the Mac to the world for the first time: