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Photos: The restored USS Enterprise at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

Thursday September 8th was the 50th anniversary of the airing of the first episode of Star Trek, “The Man Trap”. On that day I was in Washington DC for business, and before I arrived I realized I was only a short Uber trip from the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum… and I had a long Read More

Review: Bluetooth Star Trek Communicator

I’m a prop collector. Not the actual original props used in movies or TV shows – I couldn’t afford that habit, and if I tried She Who Must Be Obeyed would divorce me – but replica props. I have phasers, lasers, tricorders, pulse rifles, helmets, badges… you name it. And I have a LOT of Read More

Photos: The Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas

One of the coolest things my son Hunter and I took in when we went to Las Vegas last week was the Atomic Testing Museum. The museum is very well designed, telling the story of the multiple above-ground and underground test that took place near Vegas. The highlight was the movie that begins with a Read More

Photos: Star Trek Las Vegas 50th Anniversary Convention

Several months ago I planned a Las Vegas trip for myself and my son Hunter as a graduation present (he finished high school in June) – he had never been to Vegas. Though he’s not yet old enough to do the “adult” Vegas stuff he could at least get a sense of “Sin City”. Being Read More

Photos: Greece, June 2016

Was able to attend an offsite with my work team in Greece this month, and was also able to see a little of the sites and countryside. It was gorgeous… Far more mountainous than I thought it as. As we were far away from Athens, the air was as clean as any I have ever Read More

Photos: The Crime Museum Exhibit, The Museum of London

“MURDER! MURDER, MOST FOUL!” Ah, there is nothing more interesting that crime to yours truly… the evil that men do, and so on and so forth. So I (of course) leapt at the chance to visit the Crime Museum exhibit at the Museum of London when I visited there earlier this month. The Crime Museum Read More

Photos: 2016 Joelanta Toy Show

I’m not the man I was. One of the great joys in my life has been toy collecting, and one of THE toys central to that has been the toy that is my namesake: G.I.Joe. I’ve collected the 12″ figure, the smaller 1/6th scale figure – heck, I even bought the horrible SuperJoe figures that Read More

Pictures: The Churchill War Rooms, London

Was able to visit London for work over a week ago and had a day to spend enjoying the local tourist traps. One “bucket list” item was the Churchill War Rooms museum, which lets visitors walk through the rooms where the British and Allied Forces hunkered down and managed the war efforts. It was an Read More

Photos: Atomium, Brussels

One of the “symbols” of Brussels is the Atomium building, which was originally constructed for the 1958 World’s Fair. Designed after an iron molecule, the Atomium is a huge installation that you can actually explore – there is an exhibit on the making of the building and the World’s Fair, and even a restaurant at Read More

Photos: Autoworld, Brussels

Had the opportunity to travel to Belgium for work last week and was able to squeeze in a day off – so I visited some tourist traps. One of the first was the Autoworld exhibit near the museum district, and it was worth every Euro I paid for admission… Cars from the past 100 years Read More

Photos: Superhero HQ in Disneyland

My son Mike is a Marvel movies NUT, especially the Iron Man movies (and character). So when I decided I was going to take two of my sons to Disneyland as a pre-Christmas gift, I knew he was going to love the Superhero HQ exhibit that replaced Innoventions in Tomorrowland. To not spoil things, I Read More

Photos: The Scotch Whiskey Experience

Another post with photos from my trip to Scotland, this one covering The Scotch Whiskey Experience, a tourist trap we went to near Edinburgh Castle. I say “tourist trap” in the kindest way, because when you are offered the opportunity to see how scotch whiskey is made, and then to sample some drams, well… it Read More

Photos: A tour of Edinburgh Castle

I crossed off an item on my bucket list this past week by visiting Scotland with my better half, AKA She Who Must Be Obeyed. We stayed in downtown Edinburgh – Old Town, to be precise, and our hotel was in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle. We enjoyed the rainy weather (Rain? in Scotland? SHOCKING.) Read More

Photos: Updated SF exhibit at the EMP Museum

I already posted pics from my visit to the Star Wars costume exhibit – here’s pics from their recently updated science fiction area: Read More

Photos from Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

I was remiss in posting this because of work – Here’s some photos of the Globe Theatre, taken from my trip to London in April. The dream of late actor Sam Wanamaker, The Globe is a (near) authentic recreation of the in the round theatre that Shakespeare worked and wrote at. Read More

Photos from Vivid Sydney

Was in Australia for business this past week and was able to partake in the opening night of this year’s edition of “Vivid Sydney”, an event that showcases vibrant art installations… and I mean that literally. They project animated “faces” onto landmarks, including the Sydney Opera House. As I was completely exhausted after a week of Read More

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