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Orion: The Man Who Would be King is a moving documentary about Elvis, hope, and loss

I don’t want to die. I also know that as much as I don’t want that to pass, it will happen.  And it will happen to you, too. When I was younger, the idea that the people I idolized would someday die was something impossible. Christopher Lee will live forever, right? And so would Prince. And Read More

Lost Soul is a fascinating look at one of the worse movies of all time

I think Marlon Brando is Loki. When I state that, I don’t mean that Marlon Brando should have PLAYED Loki, in some crazy imaginary never-produced Marvel movie – I mean that at some level Brando WAS Loki: The Norse God of Mischief. Because when you watch Lost Soul, a documentary on the making of one Read More

Electric Boogaloo showcases the late, “great” Cannon Films

I have a love-hate relationship with bad movies. For one thing, life is too short. I have SO many movies in my queue – good movies, CLASSIC movies – that the idea of watching a movie like, say, Death Wish 3… well, that is not in my top ten priorities. This is the same reason Read More

John Carpenter’s The Fog is a lesser effort by the great filmmaker

I really want to like John Carpenter’s The Fog. I really do. I’m a huge fan of the filmmaker, and will praise his artistry and imagination to anyone who will listen (I am a staunch defender of his underrated Price of Darkness, for example). But The Fog… well, it never really worked for me. This Read More

The End is a dark comedy, Burt Reynolds style

After the success of Smokey and The Bandit, Burt Reynolds was on top of the world. He was HOT. He had his choice of films, and every studio wanted to be in the Burt Reynolds business. He also wanted to direct. So he directed and starred in The End. WTF. If you have never heard Read More

Theatre of Blood showcases Vincent Price at his hammy best

I meant to get around to rewatching Theatre of Blood before Halloween, but business travel and other priorities got in the way of that revisit. A recent international trip gave me ample opportunity to catch up on some things, and this was on top of my list to view. Theatre of Blood stars the amazing Read More

Psych-Out features Jack Nicholson, Susan Strasburg & Dean Stockwell on a really bad trip

Ah, 1968. The year where every movie studio decided they simply must put out a movie about peace, love, drugs and the counter-culture. Some, like Skidoo, are confusing and completely wrong-headed. Others, like Easy Rider, are acclaimed as classics (it was filmed in 68, released in 69). Even the Monkees got into it with the underrated HEAD. And Read More

Son of Dracula has great Nilsson songs, bad Nilsson acting

Some obscure films need to remain obscure. I’m a huge Harry Nilsson fan. HUGE. And when I found out many years ago that he starred in a movie called Son of Dracula, with Ringo Starr… well, I had to see it. The problem was it was such a flop it was never commercial released, and Read More

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa is a fantastic funny film

Thank you, Mark Frost. Mark Frost, the co-creator of Twin Peaks, introduced me to the world of Steve Coogan’s Alan Patrtridge character a little more than three years ago. I had seen some clips before that conversation, but when Mark gave the show his enthusiastic recommendation I knew I had to investigate it further. If Read More

Pretty Maids All in A Row goes where Gene Roddenberry often went before

As a Star Trek fan, I have read a lot of articles and books about Gene Roddenberry. Roddenberry, who (as most know)created the show, is often portrayed as a saintly figure… a visionary and brilliant storyteller with great optimism and hope about the future. Other writers covering Roddenberry’s life highlighted his womanizing, his credit-grabbing, and Read More

Xanadu is an underrated delight, disco skating and all

“Oh, for a muse of fire… to ascend the brightest heavens… of invention.” I’ve been chasing a muse for years. And I blame Olivia Newton John. When I was 11 years old, I saw Xanadu. And it was a revelation, as much as Star Wars was a revelation a few years before. Xanadu was the Read More

The documentary Who is Harry Nilsson pulls on all my heartstrings

I love Harry Nilsson. If you are thinking, “Who?” then I feel sorry for you. Harry Nilsson was a singer songwriter in the 1960s and 70s who wrote and/or sang a lot of great songs: “Without You”, “Coconut”, “One”, “Everybody’s Talkin’” and more. He was also an eccentric who drank and partied to excess with Read More

The documentary Milius showcases the underrated writer/director

John Milius is a force of nature. He wrote Apocalypse Now, Quint’s Indianapolis speech in Jaws, and Conan the Barbarian – and that’s just SOME of what he’s done in Hollywood. He directed and wrote Red Dawn, “punched up” dozens of movie’s screenplays (including Dirty Harry and The Hunt for Red October), inspired Spielberg and Read More

Human Highway is a bizarre cult film from Neil Young and DEVO

When I heard about Bob Casale’s death this week, I started researching the history of the band DEVO. I’ve always been a fan – even met them once – but I was never a SUPER fan, so some of the stuff I uncovered surprised me. I never realized how popular they were in countries like Read More

Salinger paints an interesting portrait of an enigmatic man

“Writing Holden was a mistake.” J.D. Salinger Recently watched the documentary Salinger, about the famed reclusive writer of Catcher in the Rye J.D. Salinger. while it has received mixed reviews with critics, I found it to be an interesting work… especially when it recounted how he shunned both fame and his family. The movie tries, Read More

Bubba Ho Tep showcases an “Elvis” we’ve never seen

You had me at “Bruce Campbell plays Elvis in a retirement home.” Based on the short story by Joe Lansdale, Bubba Ho Tep stars Campbell as Elvis… or is he a senile Elvis Impersonator who just THINKS he’s the King? Campbell is absolutely brilliant in the film, and the sight of Campbell in his white Read More

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