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Movies, My Quora answers

What’s the moral or underlying theme of Citizen Kane?

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My Quora answers, UX Articles

What is the difference in product thinking and design thinking?


Geek, Movies, My Quora answers

What is the meaning of the famous Orson Welles quote, ‘The enemy of art is the absence of limitations’?


Disney, Family, Featured Articles, Geek, My Quora answers

What are some of the best Walt Disney World hacks?

My Quora answers

There was a scene in Twin Peaks where Cooper has grey hair and a subtitle reads "25 years later." Why 25?

My Quora answers, UX 101, UX Articles

User scenarios, user stories, use cases – what’s the difference?

My Quora answers, Trek

What are the details of William Shatner’s deal with Priceline?

My Quora answers, UX Articles

What is the best way to create a UX roadmap?

Movies, My Quora answers

Is a disruption of the movie theatre experience imminent?

My Quora answers, UX Articles

What is expected from a UX leader (director, VP, etc.)?

Movies, My Quora answers

What is your favorite line in the James bond movies?

Movies, My Quora answers

“My kids have never watched a James Bond movie. What one should we start with?”

My Quora answers, UX Articles

What are the job prospects for UX researchers?

Movies, My Quora answers

Why didn’t Stanley Kubrick ever win a Best Director Oscar?

My Quora answers, UX Articles

Will gamification become less effective as it becomes widespread and applied everywhere?

My Quora answers, Technology, UX Articles

Will big data be used increasingly in the UX field to answer user experience questions?

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