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Some Halloween videos for you…

First, Elvira and Vincent Price guesting on The Tonight Show… Vincent in a dramatic reading of Poe’s The Raven… A documentary on the making of the movie Halloween… And here’s a full Vincent Price movie, Madhouse!

Famous Monsters of Filmland, Issue 1

Since Halloween is coming up, I thought it was appropriate to post this for everyone’s enjoyment – a downloadable PDF of Famous Monsters of Filmland’s first issue. Famous Monsters magazine influenced hundreds of filmmakers, from Joe Dante to Steven Spielberg,…

Go Ape! With Planet of the Apes belt buckles!

God, I loved the seventies. Only in that mixed-up decade would this product idea exist in real life. Ladies and gentlemen… Planet of the Apes belt buckles, with matching belts! And matching western tie!!

Celebrating Pizzazz magazine

Anybody remember Pizzazz Magazine? It was an attempt by Marvel Comics to enter the teen magazine market in the late seventies, and I was a subscriber. I LOVED Pizzazz, because it was a lot more geeky than other magazines (it had a…