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Return of the Coloring Books of the Planet of the Apes!


Geek, Movies, Neglected Cinema

Lost Soul is a fascinating look at one of the worse movies of all time

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Star Trek vs. Star Wars: We have a winner…


Geek, Movies, Neglected Cinema

Electric Boogaloo showcases the late, “great” Cannon Films

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Photos: Star Wars Launch Bay in Disneyland


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Is James Bond 007’s real name or is it a "codename" given to the agent?

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Movies, Neglected Cinema

John Carpenter’s The Fog is a lesser effort by the great filmmaker


Movies, My Quora answers, Orson Welles

Would a deal like the one Orson Welles got with RKO be possible today?


Movies, My Quora answers, Orson Welles

Was Orson Welles proud of Citizen Kane?

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Geek, Movies, Trek, TV

Happy birthday Star Trek!

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Inert Heroes: Why some of cinema’s best films have passive protagonists

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Classic ad – Geek Money!

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Geek, Geek Ephemera, Movies

Interview with Rod Serling from Planet of The Apes Magazine issue 1


Movies, My Quora answers, Orson Welles

What’s the moral or underlying theme of Citizen Kane?


Geek, Movies, Photos

Photos: Updated SF exhibit at the EMP Museum


Geek, Movies, My Quora answers, Orson Welles

What is the meaning of the famous Orson Welles quote, ‘The enemy of art is the absence of limitations’?

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