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Is there any way to know if a studio made a profit on a movie, beyond conjecture?

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How do spies like James Bond and Jason Bourne think?


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“Should I watch Citizen Kane?”: My Answer

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Dick Tracy, Interviewed by Leonard Maltin


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Return of the Coloring Books of the Planet of the Apes!


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Lost Soul is a fascinating look at one of the worse movies of all time

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Star Trek vs. Star Wars: We have a winner…


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Electric Boogaloo showcases the late, “great” Cannon Films

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Photos: Star Wars Launch Bay in Disneyland


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Is James Bond 007’s real name or is it a "codename" given to the agent?

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John Carpenter’s The Fog is a lesser effort by the great filmmaker


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Would a deal like the one Orson Welles got with RKO be possible today?


Movies, My Quora answers, Orson Welles

Was Orson Welles proud of Citizen Kane?

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Happy birthday Star Trek!

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Inert Heroes: Why some of cinema’s best films have passive protagonists

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