I love movies, and write about them often – here’s all my writing on film.

Video: Kings and Desperate Men, starring Patrick McGoohan

Here’s a treat for fans of Patrick McGoohan (like me): The movie Kings and Desperate Men is available in full on YouTube. Written and directed by McGoohan friend Alexis Kanner, the film features McGoohan in a hostage tale that is similar to the later film Die Hard (Kanner thought it was TOO similar, and sued – he lost).

Some Halloween videos for you…

First, Elvira and Vincent Price guesting on The Tonight Show… Vincent in a dramatic reading of Poe’s The Raven… A documentary on the making of the movie Halloween… And here’s a full Vincent Price movie, Madhouse!

Famous Monsters of Filmland, Issue 1

Since Halloween is coming up, I thought it was appropriate to post this for everyone’s enjoyment – a downloadable PDF of Famous Monsters of Filmland’s first issue. Famous Monsters magazine influenced hundreds of filmmakers, from Joe Dante to Steven Spielberg,…