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What is the meaning of the famous Orson Welles quote, ‘The enemy of art is the absence of limitations’?

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In praise of World Watch One

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Photos – Bond in Motion Exhibit highlights 50 vehicles from the James Bond films


Finding Vivian Maier a fascinating exploration of art vs. artist

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Rest in Peace, Leonard Nimoy

Movies, Neglected Cinema

The End is a dark comedy, Burt Reynolds style

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King Kong 1976 remake poster hits new heights in hyperbole

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Star Wars t-shirts!

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The last time I am ever going to write about Star Trek

Movies, Neglected Cinema

Theatre of Blood showcases Vincent Price at his hammy best

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Video: Kings and Desperate Men, starring Patrick McGoohan

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Some Halloween videos for you…

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Famous Monsters of Filmland, Issue 1

Movies, Neglected Cinema

Psych-Out features Jack Nicholson, Susan Strasburg & Dean Stockwell on a really bad trip

Geek, Movies, Neglected Cinema

Son of Dracula has great Nilsson songs, bad Nilsson acting

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Go Ape! With Planet of the Apes belt buckles!

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