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Famous Monsters of Filmland, Issue 1

Since Halloween is coming up, I thought it was appropriate to post this for everyone’s enjoyment – a downloadable PDF of Famous Monsters of Filmland’s first issue. Famous Monsters magazine influenced hundreds of filmmakers, from Joe Dante to Steven Spielberg,…

Star Trek: The Motion Picture toys!

Star Trek: The Motion Picture toys? Yup, they made them and they… kinda sucked. The action figures were small and lacked detail, they didn’t make any toys of the ships – very Meh. The two highlights: The McDonald’s Happy Meals (which…

Go Ape! With Planet of the Apes belt buckles!

God, I loved the seventies. Only in that mixed-up decade would this product idea exist in real life. Ladies and gentlemen… Planet of the Apes belt buckles, with matching belts! And matching western tie!!

G.I.Joe Fan Club Certificates!

I’m a G.I.Joe collector and fan – mostly of the 12″ figures, though I have quite a few of the 3 3/4″ figures as well. Way back in 1968, the original Joe toy line changed to “explorers” in reaction to…