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Star Trek: The Motion Picture toys!

Star Trek: The Motion Picture toys? Yup, they made them and they… kinda sucked. The action figures were small and lacked detail, they didn’t make any toys of the ships – very Meh. The two highlights: The McDonald’s Happy Meals (which…

Go Ape! With Planet of the Apes belt buckles!

God, I loved the seventies. Only in that mixed-up decade would this product idea exist in real life. Ladies and gentlemen… Planet of the Apes belt buckles, with matching belts! And matching western tie!!

G.I.Joe Fan Club Certificates!

I’m a G.I.Joe collector and fan – mostly of the 12″ figures, though I have quite a few of the 3 3/4″ figures as well. Way back in 1968, the original Joe toy line changed to “explorers” in reaction to…

From the 1979 Sears Wishbook… SPACE TOYS!

I have been spending a ridiculous amount of time looking through Christmas catalog scans on this week… The nostalgia! The FEELS! I’ll be sharing some of the pages scanned from the toy section over the next couple of weeks…