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UX, predicted: What will the future bring?

In my role as a User Experience Architect I have design for and support what users do today, and understand their mental models of how things work. That is challenging enough, and if that was all my job was I’d be pretty darn busy. Of course, it’s not. I also have to plan for the Read More

Close Channel D… Robert Vaughn is gone

I would be delinquent in my duties as an obsessive Man from U.N.C.L.E. fanboy if I did not note with great sadness the passing of the amazing actor Robert Vaughn. Vaughn played Napoleon Solo in the original series and had a score of other notable roles throughout a 60 year career, including seminal performances in Read More

Review: Jeff Lynne’s ELO concert at the Hollywood Bowl

Achievement: Unlocked. I was traveling for business earlier in the year, and was enjoying the sights and sounds of Times Square in the heart of New York City. It was only my third time there, and did not know when I would return, so I took full advantage. As I passed by Radio City Music Read More

Photos: The Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas

One of the coolest things my son Hunter and I took in when we went to Las Vegas last week was the Atomic Testing Museum. The museum is very well designed, telling the story of the multiple above-ground and underground test that took place near Vegas. The highlight was the movie that begins with a Read More

Photos: Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. Experience

While I was in Vegas with my son Hunter we made sure to visit the Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. experience at the Treasure Island hotel. Originally located in Times Square, the Marvel attraction is set up as a training center for potential S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, with Maria Hill from the Avengers films as your (video) guide. You go Read More

Photos: Star Trek Las Vegas 50th Anniversary Convention

Several months ago I planned a Las Vegas trip for myself and my son Hunter as a graduation present (he finished high school in June) – he had never been to Vegas. Though he’s not yet old enough to do the “adult” Vegas stuff he could at least get a sense of “Sin City”. Being Read More

Movies 101: My “movie course in a box”

My friend Ariel confessed to me over dinner several months back she had never seen several movies that I considered seminal classics. Why she hadn’t done so was understandable. Ariel is much younger than me, over a decade. She grew up when the Internet wasn’t a new thing, but “newish”, and she had other things to Read More

Photos: #StarTrek 50 at the EMP Museum

In Seattle for work this week and was able to make some time to visit the Star Trek 50th Anniversary Exhibit at the EMP Museum. The display is fantastic, with Paramount opening up their archives to showcase props and costumes from the series and movies. Paul Allen, who owns and runs the EMP Museum, also Read More

All Things Must Pass is an amazing look at the glory days of Tower Records

When I graduated high school, my first real job was at a record store. Disc Jockey Records, part of the Kentucky-based chain owned by WaxWorks Inc., was opening a new location at the newly refurbished Eastwood Mall located just outside of Birmingham Alabama. I was hired as one of the many “associates” for the store, and Read More

Orion: The Man Who Would be King is a moving documentary about Elvis, hope, and loss

I don’t want to die. I also know that as much as I don’t want that to pass, it will happen.  And it will happen to you, too. When I was younger, the idea that the people I idolized would someday die was something impossible. Christopher Lee will live forever, right? And so would Prince. And Read More

Star Trek Fan Film Guidelines to end all good Star Trek fan films

I really don’t want to write anymore about Star Trek, but then CBS/Paramount does a stupid thing and I have to. This week, the owners of Star Trek released fan film guidelines, mostly in response to the lawsuit against the Star Trek Axanar “fan film” (which raised $1 million on Kickstarter). While a reasonable set Read More

Is there any way to know if a studio made a profit on a movie, beyond conjecture?

No, because of the wonderful system called Hollywood Accounting. Studios have been sued – repeatedly – around this practice, the most famous suit where this was a factor being Buchwald v. Paramount, which had Art Buchwald suing the studio who made Coming to America, claiming the studio stole his idea. Buchwald won, was awarded initial Read More

My contributions to #FakeBoardGameFacts on Twitter

I love playing with hashtags, and this one was fun: In the Game of Thrones board game, your favorite character dies every sixth turn. #FakeBoardGameFacts — Joseph Dickerson (@JosephDickerson) April 24, 2016 Scrabble considered a making a version targeted at dyslexics named “Sarclbbe” #FakeBoardGameFacts — Joseph Dickerson (@JosephDickerson) April 24, 2016 George W Bush used Read More

How do spies like James Bond and Jason Bourne think?

(The bulk of my answer is derived from the books, not the movies). Bond and Bourne come from a place that most of us never have to deal with – a space where danger and or death is right around the corner (sometimes literally). They have to be alert, and in “the field” have precisely Read More

Deconstructing the music video for Billy Joel’s “Pressure”

I’m sorry, but I love Billy Joel’s music. That is how a lot of people start the conversation when it comes to Billy Joel… They apologize for liking the guy’s work. I blame Piano Man. That song, man… I think I have heard it approximately 10,273 times. And only three of those times was by Read More

Photos: 2016 Joelanta Toy Show

I’m not the man I was. One of the great joys in my life has been toy collecting, and one of THE toys central to that has been the toy that is my namesake: G.I.Joe. I’ve collected the 12″ figure, the smaller 1/6th scale figure – heck, I even bought the horrible SuperJoe figures that Read More

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