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Our only currency is time – spend it wisely

The world is a busy place. Busy may be too subtle a term – crazy may be better. So much going on, so many issues to react to. Terrorism, politics, technology, and… the list is endless. And I’m kinda sick of all of it. The media industrial complex is very good at entertaining, at distracting, Read More

Photos: The Scotch Whiskey Experience

Another post with photos from my trip to Scotland, this one covering The Scotch Whiskey Experience, a tourist trap we went to near Edinburgh Castle. I say “tourist trap” in the kindest way, because when you are offered the opportunity to see how scotch whiskey is made, and then to sample some drams, well… it Read More

Photos: A tour of Edinburgh Castle

I crossed off an item on my bucket list this past week by visiting Scotland with my better half, AKA She Who Must Be Obeyed. We stayed in downtown Edinburgh – Old Town, to be precise, and our hotel was in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle. We enjoyed the rainy weather (Rain? in Scotland? SHOCKING.) Read More

Rest in peace, Beth: Saying goodbye to an old friend

They’re burying a friend of mine in 12 hours. Her name was Beth. Beth Hill, when I knew her most, and Beth Hill Taylor after she got married. She loved that – the idea that she was, effectively, Elizabeth Taylor. In name if not in historic fact. That alone tells you a lot about her. Read More

What are some of the best Walt Disney World hacks?

Stay at the Swan and Dolphin. It’s NOT a Disney hotel, and yet.. it is. Owned by the Sheraton chain, the hotel allows you get almost all the benefits of saying “on property” without having to pay the “Disney tax.” You can also WALK to Epcot, so if that is your favorite park it’s actually Read More

New year, new opportunities

To quote the chairman of the board, for me and mine it was a very good year. In 2014… The family and I went on a cruise (for the first time) I went on three International business trips (to Greece and Mexico) I was able to visit Paris (again, for the first time) Attended a Read More

Taking a break for a while…

I’m moving into a busy time of year, both personally and professionally… and this means I need to focus on my priorities. This blog has shifted to one of the less important things in my life, for good or ill… and so I need to take a hiatus from it for an unknown time. This Read More

Disney Parks for cheapskates

I’ve spent a lot of money at the Disney Parks… too much, in fact. One thing the Disney Corporation is very good at is metaphorically lifting you upside down and shaking all the money out of your pockets… and leaving you happy that they did. While I’ve been one of the millions who have happily Read More

What are the most startling differences between the US and Australia?

I lived in Australia for almost two years, so here’s my list on incongruities: People drink ALL THE TIME. I often walked from the train station to the office and people were having a pint at 8 AM. Beer at lunch? No one bats an eye. Fast Food is VERY GOOD there. Yes, even McDonald’s. The Read More

Funnel Cakes

Went to a Braves baseball game at Turner Field last week, to take in America’s pastime: Eating overpriced junk food while drinking a lot of beer. I’m not saying that in any judgmental way – I, too, partook in the glutinous tradition. I consumed two hot dogs, three cans of beer, one bag of peanuts, Read More

Embrace the suck! Work at what you love to get better at it

I suck. And at a lot of different things. I’m not a good basketball player, I can’t ride a bike, I can barely swim, I a “directionally challenged” and would get hopelessly lost without my phone’s GPS. I’m can carry a tune – barely – but I can’t stay on key. I’d continue, but doing Read More

Process or talent? Companies can’t focus on both…

“The Most Important Document to ever come out of Silicon Valley” was released last week… at least, that’s what Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg called it. This Most Important Document wasn’t a cutting-edge business plan, or a product roadmap… Far from it. It was Netflix’s “Corporate Culture” guidelines, a document that is usually quite dry and Read More


I’ve decided my new favorite word is “savor.” It’s something that I need to do more often, and that a huge chunk of people barely do at all. I know my dad didn’t. It will soon be two years since Dad died. He didn’t like living, or anyone, towards the end. He shoved his closest Read More

Lessons in efficiency: Schedule it, then do it

I’m big into the “personal productivity” stuff – not because I try to fill my days with “busy work” just to check things off lists, but because being more productive and efficient lets me get more done in less time, so I can focus on import things… like college football or Star Trek. A new Read More

Success is not a zero-sum game

I lost a friend recently… no, they didn’t pass away; they just (very subtly) decided to no longer be my friend. They did this by “unfollowing” me on Twitter and ceasing all other communications with me. I reached out to them, and they never responded. I looked back at some of my last correspondences with Read More

Want your own arcade machine? Rec Room Masters can set you up!

One of the things that I have always wanted to own was a full-sized arcade cabinet. It’s driven by nostalgia, of course: I spent countless hours of my youth shoving quarters into Defender, Pac Man, Frogger or Star Wars… and I’m pretty sure if I had dedicated that time to more productive activities like, say, Read More

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