Articles by Joseph Dickerson on Apple hardware and software.

UX, nude selfies, and the cloud

If you were paying attention to pop culture news this past weekend you’ll have seen that a whole lot of photos of female celebrities, in various levels of undress, leaked onto the Internet. The photos, illegally taken from the iCloud…

Happy 30th Birthday Mac!

I join my many tech and design brothers and sisters today in wishing a happy birthday to the Macintosh computer. Yes, I know inanimate objects don’t really have birthdays, but with the Mac it feels appropriate to use the word “birthday.”

The Mac was the first real PERSONAL computer, a machine that aligned with what users needed to do and empowered people to do things that was in the realm of complete fantasy just months before.

I learned how to do graphic design and layout by using a Mac, and while I am a user of both Windows and OS X, I still have a fondness for the Mac.

Here’s the video of Steve Jobs revealing the Mac to the world for the first time:

The connected home is Apple’s for the taking

There’s a huge battle taking place between tech companies, one that doesn’t getting nearly the attention it deserves. It’s not the fight between Google and Apple in mobile, or Facebook versus Twitter in social… It’s the fight for our living…