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Is it better to design from scratch or to stick to ‘familiar iOS conventions’?

It depends on what you are designing, and how far 'outside of the box' you want to go. My design team is in the process of doing the design for a cross-platform mobile app, so we can't rely on the UI conventions of just iOs… We have to create an app that will work on Read More

Do Apple do user study or usability testing on its products at all?

No evidence, I'm afraid (I aspire to be a good enough UX designer that someday I MAY be good enough to work for Apple) but I can offer a couple of observations that, as Sherlock Holmes might state, leads one to believe that they very much engage in user testing. First, a colleague of mine Read More

Interaction Design on the iPad: the apps you need

I have read scores of pundits talk about the iPad being a “consumption device,” that it’s for enjoying content and not creating it. To all these talking heads, I say “phooey!” The iPad is a great device to be creative and productive, especially if you are in the user experience design field. Here’s my list Read More

Banking on the iPad: Evolutionary or revolutionary?

Originally posted on… The iPad, Apple’s much-hyped new tablet device, was released last month to some measure of success — over 1 million units were sold in just 28 days. Clearly, the device has found an audience, more than any other tablet computer produced to date. The question for financial institutions is, does this Read More

Lessons in UX – “If we understand the extremes, then the middle will fall into place.”

I just finished watching the great documentary on industrial design Objectified, which has interviews with many of the best designers in the history of the domain, including a personal favorite of mine, Apple’s Jonathan Ive. One moment early in the film struck a cord. The great designer Dam Formosa from Smart Design said that we Read More

Why micro-interactions like 3D Touch is a #UX trend worth paying attention to

During the announcement of the new iPhone this week, Apple unveiled their new “3D Touch” interaction model, which involves new ways of accessing functions and features. The big demo of this new model involved how in the upcoming version of iOS users can access contextual functions without having to open the program. Now some of Read More

Chasing the new: Confessions of an early adopter

I’ve got a problem, and a confession to make: I’m an early adopter. Every day, I visit multiple tech news sites, and I spend way too much time drooling over the newest devices that are or will be coming out. I’ve stood in line for the newest iThing – multiple times. I’ve preordered, I’ve bought Read More

Lessons in #UX: How to design the best wearable experience

There are two big topics in technology right now: The Internet of Things and Wearables. While I have some very distinct opinions on the former, I’ll leave that for another day. Today I’d like to discuss the space called “wearables”. The upcoming Apple Watch is getting a lot of attention, and will (in my opinion) Read More

UX, nude selfies, and the cloud

If you were paying attention to pop culture news this past weekend you’ll have seen that a whole lot of photos of female celebrities, in various levels of undress, leaked onto the Internet. The photos, illegally taken from the iCloud accounts of these very famous people, was the subject of many conversations online… though one Read More

Happy 30th Birthday Mac!

I join my many tech and design brothers and sisters today in wishing a happy birthday to the Macintosh computer. Yes, I know inanimate objects don’t really have birthdays, but with the Mac it feels appropriate to use the word “birthday.” The Mac was the first real PERSONAL computer, a machine that aligned with what Read More

When the exceptional becomes commonplace, Apple is in deep trouble

I, like many other tech fanboys, was glued to my computer screen early this month during Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference keynote. What new products or software would be revealed? Would the rumored iWatch be shown? Was Apple going to (finally) update the MacPro? What would the new version of the iPhone operating system going Read More

Reaction: Why iOS7 is MORE skeuomorphic, not less

“It’s flat, just like they said it would be!” That was the immediate reaction I saw from one of the tech pundits commenting on today’s introduction of iOS7, Apple’s new operating system for its iPhone and iPad. There have been a lot of rumors recently that Jonny Ive, who took control of Apple’s full design Read More

Photos: 2013 Vintage Computer Show and Apple “Pop-up” Museum

When I first heard that there would be a vintage computer show in Atlanta on March 20th and 21st, I was excited. Then, I read that a traveling Apple “Pop-Up” Museum would also be there. Being an Apple fanboy, this heightened my excitement to 11. I soon discovered that the show would be held in Read More

The connected home is Apple’s for the taking

There’s a huge battle taking place between tech companies, one that doesn’t getting nearly the attention it deserves. It’s not the fight between Google and Apple in mobile, or Facebook versus Twitter in social… It’s the fight for our living rooms. It’s about who will be the preferred tech provider in our home and hearth, Read More

Why didn’t Apple make a Leather Smart Cover for the iPad Mini?

I’d say it was a combination of aesthetics and functionality. Aesthetically, the iPad mini doesn’t NEED a cover, because its small and light. A cover would protect the screen, but… It would “thicken” the device and (in my opinion, and potentially in the opinion of Apple!s product managers) make it look less sleek and add Read More

Lessons in UX: Impatience is the new normal

This week a new app, Next Issue, debuted for the iPad. Called “Netflix for magazines,” the app allows users to read as many electronic magazines as they would like for only $10 a month. It was an instant success, with hundreds of thousands of copies of the app downloaded the first day of release… and Read More

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