A celebration of Adam West

This one was tough.

I heard about the passing of Adam West from a text message from my sister as I was about to set sail on a seven day cruise with my family – I was sitting in a restaurant having lunch, having a Tasty Beverage, happy that I was about to “unplug” for a week and then… BAM. POW.

I ordered a lot more Tasty Beverages after that.

Adam West was one of the greats, not just because he was Batman, but because he was KIND. Much much kinder than most “stars” end up being. They say never meet your idols, but with Adam West… here’s what happened when I “met” him.

I was in the same room with him, twice… At one of the many conventions he attended over the past thirty-plus years. We chatted briefly, the first time, after he received the Key to the City in Atlanta at DragonCon. The second time, I just watched him engage with the fans the second time… selling his autograph and smiling as everyone had their moment with the Bright Knight. He was charming, polite and joking with some… He clearly knew what He – and Batman – meant to the fans. And he gave them a special memory, each and every one.

I thought about walking over, getting an autograph, but my stupid frugality got in the way.

“Regrets… I’ve had a few…”

I still have the memories, though… memories of his great performances. Not only as Batman, but as Lookwell, and Robinson Crusoe on Mars, and so many other appearances. But the best performance he gave was when he played… Adam West. Or a twisted version of himself, especially as the Mayor on Family Guy. Never afraid to make fun of himself, West embraced his ludicrous professional history and mocked himself with aplomb. No other actor I know of has done this so repeatedly, and so well.

Last month, Roger Moore’s passing shook me, and this one hit me even harder still. We are losing the greats, and as you look at the actuary tables you begin to realize that even more of the people we admire and who entertained us will soon shuffle off this mortal coil. So it goes.

My cruise took me to Bar Harbor, Maine, and in a gift shop I spotted a shirt that was perfect. I bought it, and immediately wore it for the rest of the trip. A small tribute.

Here’s some great clips that celebrate his life. Be mindful that it may get dusty in the room as you watch them…


Goodnight, old chum.

Joseph Dickerson is a user experience professional and UX Lead for Microsoft based out of Atlanta, GA. He has implemented processes in user testing, design and ethnographic research and provided design and consulting services for many different projects and organizations.

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