Science Fiction Book Club ad showcases some classics

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 4.21.23 PMAh, look at this Science Fiction Book Club ad from an early issue of Starlog magazine… So many classic titles. Heinlein! Xanth! Asimov! Though there’s some books that are not exactly “science fiction.” Carl Sagan’s book, for instance. And The Dragonriders of Pern (FREE with membership) is fantasy, not SF. But hey, who’s complaining? FIVE BOOKS FOR ONE DOLLAR! Plus a free “carryall”!

I was a member of this and the Columbia House Record Collection AND the Columbia House Movie Club, and I remember being flush with media because of it. Of course, the end result of all this was I ended up having to buy overpriced new albums, books and VHS tapes every month. Unlike many people who simply stopped paying, I ended up taking care of my contractual obligation and closing out all accounts.

And I’m not saying that to throw the credit agencies still waiting for my delinquent payment for Alan Parson Projects “Eye in the Sky” LP off my scent. No, not at all. Ahem.

The end result of all of these book club editions being shipped around the world is that any hardcover book that has “book club edition” printed in the inside front page is basically worth.. well, that “Five for $1” price still holds true. But it was a great deal for any young geek, like me.