G.I.Joe Blueprints!

One of the coolest things about collecting G.I.Joe toys way back when the line was reformed in 3 3/4″ size in 1982 was that every vehicle and plates came with blueprints. Yes, it was all rubbish, but as a fan of fictional specifications it made me a happy boy. Here’s the first of a series of posts celebrating the awesome work Hasbro did to make the world of G.I.Joe and Cobra seem more “real.”

It’s the G.I.Joe Headquarters!



Double devastation cannon! Helipad! Official G.I.Joe flag! The only thing it doesn’t have is, oh, I don’t know… A PLACE FOR THE JOES TO SLEEP. Geez, even the stockade had two bunks. I guess the Joes were so busy fighting for freedom that sleep (and failure) was not an option.

Here’s the wonderful YoJoe page on the toy.

Of course, the toy reflects the cartoon HQ. The original one in the comic book was much different:


The Pit was revealed in issue one in the comic, and was much more realistic than the cartoon one. Look, the Joes even had beds! More details on The Pit here…

And compared to other government installations, it’s a steal at only $27 million.