My top posts of 2014

Looking over my traffic logs and wrapping up the year, I decided to compile a Top 10 list of the most-read articles of my site this past year (hey, everyone is doing it). It’s actually a somewhat surprising list:

Number one, by a HUGE amount (We are talking many THOUSANDS of hits) was my review of the Alan Partridge film:
Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa is a fantastic funny film

Here’s numbers two through ten, with some editorial comment:

#2. #StopOrci2014 hashtag lets Star Trek fans vent about the writer of Into Darkness
My coverage of the Twitter ‘campaign” against Bob Orci’s directing a certain SF film got quite a few views, and some people even asked me if I was the one “behind” the hashtag. Nope, I just jumped in (and agreed, obviously).

#3. #UX101: Best practices for gesture interaction
Some of this content is a little dated, but I think it’s still solid advice.

#4. A rant about Creation Entertainment and Star Trek Las Vegas #STLV
Creation is a bunch of a-holes.

#5. The last time I am ever going to write about Star Trek
A recent post that got a lot of traction thanks to Facebook.

#6. UX, nude selfies, and the cloud
A topical article on how the Apple iCloud celebrity photo breach was a failure of user experience design.

#7. More on Creation and the #STLV convention: A volunteer speaks out
This follow-up to the above post, with an anonymous letter about Creation’s dickery, got a lot of reads – hopefully this will impact Creation’s bottom line and they will start treating people decently.

#8. Photos of A Christmas Story House: The nicest fictional place I’ve every been
My visit to the A Christmas Story House and the accompanying pictures was enjoyed by many.

#9. UX, the Bruce Lee Way
An article that was also reposted by UX Magazine, and if you add that traffic count it would (potentially) be number two.

#10. #UX101: Navigation design and best practices
More UX best practices, that are still applicable.

Looking forward to writing more in 2015. Hope you like what I come up with.