The Commodore 64: The best Christmas present I ever got

As I wind down work for the year and look at the many presents that are stacked underneath our Christmas tree, I’m feeling a twinge of nostalgia. Since I got my son a new computer, I’m remembering the first and only time I got a computer as a Christmas present – and it was beautiful.

I’m talking, of course, of the Commodore 64C.

1988.xx.xx Sears Christmas Catalog P614

Look at that! Isn’t it glorious. I was ten years old, and SO into computers – I desperately wanted one, and there was only one that I really wanted: This one. It was my Red Ryder BB Gun… I annoyed the hell out of my mom and dad and finally won them over. And they spent a LOT of money… A lot more, adjusted for inflation, than I did for my son’s new computer.

I can path my whole career to that one Christmas… and the hundreds of hours I spent on that keyboard writing programs helped made me the technologist that I am today

So, thanks Mom and Dad! I know it cost a lot, but it was an investment well made.