G.I.Joe Fan Club Certificates!

I’m a G.I.Joe collector and fan – mostly of the 12″ figures, though I have quite a few of the 3 3/4″ figures as well. Way back in 1968, the original Joe toy line changed to “explorers” in reaction to the growing anti-Vietnam sentiment in the country. The Adventure Team was hugely successful, and kept the line going for another six years.

You could become a member of the G.I.Joe Adventure Team, too, by mailing in your application. You got a certificate, a membership card, and more!

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Now, you too can become a member of the Adventure Team! Download your very own Adventure Team Membership Certificate!

And your own Adventure Team Membership Card!

Are you more of an “old school” G.I.Joe fan (the original, from 1964?) Then download the original G.I.Joe Club Certificate!