How to play “Trek God”

Blatantly ripped off from Drew McWeeney at HitFix, earlier this year I started doing a Star Trek “party game” with some of my Trek fan friends. The premise is simple:

If you were “Trek God” like Q and could take one thing – a character, an actor, a premise, an episode, or a whole series – that you could strike from the record, and make it cease to exist… What would it be? Choose wisely, and be ready to explain your choice!

I’ve done this a few times, and it’s always fun – especially when you are surrounded by really hard core Trekkers. What is great is it’s always a “Sophie’s Choice” – you have to choose one of two things that happens, and the debates can get passionate. The best questions are those “alternate casting” ones, where an actor didn’t play a role and another who was considered got it.

Here’s some example choices:

Voyager was never made


Ron Moore never left Star Trek


Yaphet Kotto played Picard


Guinan was never a character on the show


Tasha never died


Enterprise was never made


Star Trek didn’t get a third season


Enterprise didn’t get a fourth season


Q was a one-off character (only appearing in the next gen pilot)


Majel Barrett continued playing Number One past the Cage pilot


Come up with your own questions, and let me know how it goes!