Celebrating Pizzazz magazine

Anybody remember Pizzazz Magazine? It was an attempt by Marvel Comics to enter the teen magazine market in the late seventies, and I was a subscriber. I LOVED Pizzazz, because it was a lot more geeky than other magazines (it had a Star Wars comic story in the back!) and it also featured Marvel characters at every opportunity (I was always a Marvel guy).

How could you not love a magazine that had covers like this?


Yes, that is The Fonz being hugged by the Hulk, while Spider-Man and Shaun Cassady toasts you,  the reader, with a freshly poured martini.

Best. Birthday. EVER.

I still have a couple of back issues in my collection, but need to pickup some more on eBay soon. The hoarder in me demands it.

Here’s a Marvel comics ad promoting Pizzazz:

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 3.42.42 PM


And here’s a TV ad!