Science Fiction’s greatest moments are yours! In 8mm!

CINEMARAMA! Yes, you too can relive your favorite sci-fi moments through the magic of your 8mm film projector!!!

These days, we are SOOO spoiled. You can see a movie in theaters, and four months later you can get a blu-ray that you can rewatch on your high definition TV. Way back in MY youth, that was the stuff of… well, science fiction. When I was a young boy, the only way you could rewatch stuff was by buying 8mm film reels by mail order… and a lot of the time the only thing that was available for most films was in black and white with no sound.

Here’s a great ad from 1978’s Starlog issue 11… And look at those prices! If you wanted color with sound, you’ll be paying up $29.95, not including shipping and handling. Adjusted for inflation, that’s $110 in 2014 money. And even then, you only got EXCERPTS – usually about four minutes, sometimes (rarely) up to 30 minutes. Yikes.

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