More on Creation and the #STLV convention: A volunteer speaks out

After I wrote my rant about Creation and the Star Trek Las Vegas convention last night, I got an anonymous e-mail from a volunteer at the convention:

I created this email anonymously to remark on your Creation blog post.

It is not just attendees and panelists and actors who are mistreated. I was a volunteer for this event. There is absolutely nothing that could convince me to return for another Creation con as a volunteer or attendee. The people who were supposed to lead us were completely disorganized and constantly abandoned most of us to our own devices. We were snapped at like unruly children when we asked for instructions or assistance. I could go on for many paragraphs, but my experiences and anecdotes might come off as a disgruntled person’s rant…

So in summary, I am saddened and hurt by all the hostility, disrespect, and mistrust that I directly experienced from some of Creation’s paid staff. We paid for own own flights and hotel in order to work for them and then be treated like this? It’s shameful. They are completely out of touch when it comes to treating volunteers in an appropriate manner and should be totally ashamed of themselves.

The reason I’m telling you this is because I wanted you to know that we volunteers tried really, really hard to make this a good experience for everyone. If we failed it’s only because we had zero guidance and moral support from the very company we were representing for FREE. And I am sorry for the attendees who were let down. I too wanted it to be an amazing experience for them and for me. Sadly, it was neither. I will only look back upon this entire experience with anger and regret.

Please feel free to share this email if you’d like, but I will not respond or give any further info in order to protect myself from any retaliation they would undoubtedly unleash upon me.

A former Creation volunteer

Whoever wrote this, thank you and I understand your desire to be anonymous. I am absolutely sure you and fellow volunteers did your best – and hopefully none of what I wrote implied otherwise. I have found Creation is a deeply dysfunctional organization with no courtesy, consideration and grace…

For all volunteers, THANK YOU for working to try and make this a great event, and I’m sorry you and many more were treated badly and rudely… though based on my experience with Creation, I’m not surprised.

Not one. More. Dime.