Twin Peaks The Complete Mystery is a revelation and a must buy


I’ve been diving in and revisiting one of my favorite shows ever, Twin Peaks, thanks to the just released Bluray set. Titled The Complete Mystery, the set has every episode of the series, the Fire Walk With Me film, and lots and lots of bonus features… Including two big ones.

The first is a special interview segment, called Between Two Worlds, where series co-creator David Lynch interviews the Leland family… Yes, almost twenty-five years after two of the three if them died, Leland Laura and Sarah¬†are the subjects of a surreal roundtable conversation. It’s one of the oddest special features ever made.

The second is called The Missing Pieces, which features scenes cut from Fire Walk With Me (or extended versions of scenes that were in the film). It’s a LOT of footage… Almost 90 minutes. Some of it was cut for good reason, and others should have been in the film because it adds that light whimsical element that the very dark film desperately needed.

The whole set is a revelation – the episodes look great, and you can tell CBS/Paramount spent a LOT of money pulling this together (something a friend of mine confirmed in a conversation I had yesterday). If you are a fan, this is an obvious upgrade. And of you are not… Well, why not? Grab a slice of cherry pie and a cup of black coffee and take a trip to where the birds sing a pretty song…