#SciFaiku is a mix-up I can get behind

My friend David from Sci-Fi Commons brought to my attention the interesting mix-up which is Sci-Fi Haiku, or “SciFaiku”, by starting the #SciFaiku hashtag. Here’s some the notable contributions:

After next harvest,
Whine about Toshi Station.
Power converters!

Carousel draws near.
The rules are engineered. Run.
Nobody renews.

The last of a race,
all she wanted was salt pills,
but the crew would do.

The War of the Worlds
is a full scale invasion.
Forgot the Cold-EEZE.

The omen portends
A superman is coming
Kwizatz Haderach

internet of things
my toothbrush orders
its own replacement

Deckard Blade Runner
Hunts More Human Than Human
Too Bad she won’t live

Come to found out there’s a whole site dedicated to this mashup with some very interesting stuff. Check it out, or follow the #SciFaiku hashtag.