PRESS RELEASE: New book “i, Geek” celebrates all things geeky

Atlanta, GA January 9, 2012 – The number one TV shows? The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory. The biggest movies at the box office? Based on comic books. The biggest companies? Tech giants such as Apple and Google. Geek, once the subject of ridicule, is now chic.

The geeks have inherited the Earth.

In response to this, author Joseph Dickerson has written a book: “i, Geek: Confessions of a Geeky Mind”. The book, with essays about all things geeky, runs the gamut: From James Bond to Doctor Who, from comic book movies to role playing games.

“The success of shows like The Big Bang Theory lets people like me let their “geek flag fly,” and we can walk down the street without getting ridiculed, or random wedgies,” Joseph Dickerson says.

Dickerson, the editor-in-chief of This Week in #Geek, has also written books on design and technology (Experience Matters, UX101: A Primer on User Experience Design) and contributes to .

“The book, like me, is a little random. It is a reflection of me, and my geeky interests, so readers may find topics that you aren’t the least bit interested. That’s fine – they can just skip ahead to the next chapter or section. I’m pretty sure my “fellow travelers” will find something that interests them.”

“i, Geek: Confessions of a Geeky Mind” is now available through Amazon in print and for the Kindle and will soon be released on Apple’s iBookstore. For more information, and excerpts of the book’s content, visit For additional information, Contact: Joseph Dickerson at