Press Release: “The Twin Peaks Gazette” highlights the classic cult TV series

It was over 20 years ago that David Lynch and Mark Frost created one of the seminal television series, a post-modern twist on the soap opera that had the whole world talking. And now, two decades later, Twin Peaks has more fans than ever.
The Twin Peaks Gazette is a new website that covers the increasing fan interest in the series as well as the latest creative efforts from the team behind the series.

“It’s amazing how many people love the show, and how many new fans continue to discover the series on DVD,” says Joseph Dickerson, the editor-in-chief of The Twin Peaks Gazette. “Every week I find new stories, fan art, and articles revisiting and appreciating the series. It may not have the huge fan-base that Star Trek or Star Wars has, but the fans are as passionate and as vocal as anyone could be.”

While the site does weekly updates, Dickerson often does “special editions” when big stories break. “Mark Frost, who co-created the show, has a new series of young adult novels… When The Paladin Prophesy came out late in 2012, we did extensive coverage of the release of the first book.”

It was around the time of that book’s release that rumors began to circulate online that Twin Peaks may be returning in some form. “Mark is constantly asked if the show is coming back, and every time he is asked, he responds in a way that leaves the door open,” Joseph Dickerson replied. “Will it come back? I think so. The form and fashion of Twin Peaks return, only Mark and David (who own the rights) know.”

That such rumors exist is a prime evidence that while the show is gone, it’s far from forgotten. “Twin Peaks was a dark, brilliant series whose influences are still seen in TV today. That The Twin Peaks Gazette even exists is testimony to the power the show still has to enthrall and entertain audiences.”
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