More of me to love, now at and This Week in Star Trek!

Just a quick note to let the regular readers of ye’ ol’ blog know that I am now a regular contributor to I’ve been a “friend” of that site for a couple of years now and so when one of the editors of the site asked me to start contributing I jumped at the chance. Here’s some of the articles I’ve written so far:

Save the bridge!
“Treknology:” What technologies need to be invented to bring us up to speed with Star Trek?
A Milestone Month: September Marked Four Notable Star Trek Anniversaries
Should Star Trek Come Back to TV? An Objective Evaluation
In Praise of the Doomsday Machine (and William Windom)

And here’s my first contribution to the site, from last year:
Video Demo & Review of Star Trek PADD app for iPad

A couple of the above were cross-posts from here, but from here on I plan on doing new content “exclusively” for TrekMovie. I’ve got a couple of really interesting articles I’m working on that will be up soon. So please, check out my Trek stuff there, and I hope you like it.

Oh, I almost forgot – I’ve also started a new Star Trek “newspaper” called This Week in Star Trek. It has all the latest news from the final frontier and is updated weekly (duh). You can check it out here:

Thanks for reading, and live long and prosper!