Twitter Updates for 2012-09-11

  • Good morning! #
  • There Is A Huge Threat To Apple And Google That You've Never Heard Of #mobile #
  • OS X 10.8.2 Restores Notebook Battery Life to OS X Lion Levels #
  • Just read James Cameron is working on a prequel to Avatar. Cool, I always wanted to know what John Smith did before he met Pocahontas… #
  • New at my blog: Tips on how NOT to do a UX design project #
  • Bill Moggridge, Designer Of The First Laptop And Co-Founder Of IDEO Is Dead At 69 #
  • Samsung preparing to sue Apple over iPhone 5 in US #
  • Intuit Opens Up APIs To Financial Data Service That Powers Quicken, QuickBooks And Mint #
  • Design Ethnography & Mood Maps #ux #
  • FINALLY got around to setting up a Cafe Press shop… the first items of high geekery I have for sale are here: #

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