"Where there's always music in the air:" Introducing The Twin Peaks Gazette

“Where there’s always music in the air:” Introducing The Twin Peaks Gazette

Somebody stop me before I blog again!

I have created yet ANOTHER new web site as part of my vast multimedia empire. The site, named The Twin Peaks Gazette, features the latest news, articles, videos and information about the wonderful world of Twin Peaks. Why create a(nother) website about a show that is over 20 years old? Because there are still rabid fans out there (like me) who are writing, appreciating and rediscovering the program, and The Twin Peaks Gazette aggregates all that great content and puts it all in one place.

Additionally, it’s a site where fans of the show’s writers, producers and actors and catch up on what they are doing now… For example, series co-creator Mark Frost has just written the first in a series of books The Paladin Prophecy, and as we more closer to that book’s publication date that’s something we will cover there.

So start speaking backwards and visit The Twin Peaks Gazette. Just beware of BOB.